New Restaurants Are Opening In Wilmington! What Would YOU Like To See Come To Town?

WILMINGTON, MA — A handful of new restaurants will be opening — or hope to open — in Wilmington.  We know some. We don’t know others. Here’s Wilmington Apple’s Question of the Day for July 19, 2015: What restaurants would YOU like to see come to Wilmington?

  • Michael Palmer, the owner of Sam Bistro’s in Reading and Stearns & Hills Bistro in Melrose, is hoping to open an upscale, 180-seat diner in Wilmington at 203 Lowell Street, near the Lowell St./Woburn St. intersection. The proposal for the site, which would include a SECOND unspecified restaurant and a “dog hotel,” has been in front of the Planning Board for nearly a year now, but appears to be coming closer to a reality. (Read pages 4-5 of these meeting minutes for background.)  What restaurant would YOU like to see move in, in addition to Palmer’s?
  • Subway (206 Ballardvale Street, Unit 2) will be opening in the strip across from Target, next to Hair Cuttery. The owner will be in front of the Board of Health this week.
  • Sweet Pizza (206 Ballardvale Street, Unit 3) will be opening next to Subway. The owner was in front of the Board of Health and Board of Selectmen last month.  After receiving his common victualer license from the Selectmen, he told the board he’s aiming for a September opening.
  • A tenant for the 3,868 sq. ft. space proposed as a 125-seat restaurant at 206 Ballardvale Street, Unit 7 is currently being sought by Boylston Realty.  See the plan HERE.  What restaurant would YOU like to see move in?
  • A tenant for the 1,500 sq. ft. space at 337 Main Street where Honey Dew Donuts once was is also currently being sought by Boylston Realty. It could be another small restaurant!  See the plan HERE. What restaurant would YOU like to see move in?

Let Wilmington know via the Wilmington Apple Facebook page, via the Wilmington Apple Twitter page, in the comments section below, or via email at Any responses may be used in a future article.

11 thoughts

  1. Would love to see Kelly’s roast beef come to town up near target. Simard’s move to the old Honey Dew location. If a steak house would love to open Son of Hiltop (bring it back) and pay normal prices for steak. Just an idea take simard;s and have a drive threw pizza place slices/squares “drive by Pie”

    1. Larry Gordon all your ideas are genius! I think Walgreens should become a Food court like the one near Children’s Hospital in Boston. Choices with central eating in the middle!

  2. A GOOD Thai restaurant, similar to Bangkok Spice in Reading…..doesn’t need a ton of space, just fresh ingredients and an experienced Thai chef!!!!

    1. Flavia, we moved here from Arizona about 2 ½ years ago and have been looking. Have you tried Ixtapa Mexican Grill & Cantina in Woburn? It’s really pretty good. Was surprised how good their Chile Rellenos are!

  3. I would also love to see a good seafood restaurant such as Turner fisheries, you can also buy retail there.

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