Wilmington Boosters Club Gives Out 21 Scholarships; Announces New Officers

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Boosters Club handed out 21 scholarships at WHS Scholarship Night on Friday, June 5 in the Wilmington High Gym.  The deserving recipients were:

  • Zachary Abbott
  • Caroline Albanese
  • Kourtney Bolis
  • Hannah Brown
  • Abigail Chase
  • Austin Ferreira
  • Lauren Fitch
  • Ryan Flood
  • Jessica Hogan
  • Jennifer Holloran
  • Andrew Lobao
  • Joseph Marino
  • Shelby McHugh
  • Nicole McIrney
  • Emily Monteforte
  • Michelle Murray
  • Amber Peach
  • Matthew Penney
  • Evan Raffi
  • Jaqueline Ryan
  • Joe Visalli

The Wilmington Boosters Club also voted in new officers at its end-of-the-school-year meeting on Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm in the WHS Cafeteria.

  • President:  Dedi Pitzi
  • Vice President:  Kim Luz
  • Treasurer:  Chuck Otis
  • Secretary:  Gail O’Shea

Outgoing officers were Dawn Grasso, Lisa Mastrorilli, and Paul Albanese were thanked for their hard work.

(NOTE: The above information was posted on the WHS Boosters Club’s website earlier this week.)

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