15 Children Baptized At St. Thomas Last Week; Churches Seeking Altar Servers

WILMINGTON, MA — 15 children were baptized at St. Thomas last Sunday, June 7:

  • Benjamin Robert Boyle
  • Adalynn Rose Brown
  • Audrianna Bella Cabral
  • Joshua Gerald Dermody
  • Adam Anthony Kirk
  • Nathan Henry Lefebvre
  • Mary Kathleen Leichtman
  • Jaxson David O’Neill
  • Ava Rose Longo
  • Alanah Rhianne O’Neill
  • Natalia Anna-Jae Nyoni
  • Giavanna Pentella
  • Makaela Theresa Raposa
  • Jacob Barrett Silva
  • Malyna Veri

(NOTE: List is from the latest St. Thomas/St. Dorothy church bulletin.)

WILMINGTON, MA — The Catholic Community of Wilmington and S. Tewksbury is in need of new altar servers. We invite students who have reached the 4th grade or beyond to volunteer to join our Altar Server Ministry. A good server is not only reverend but also responsible and committed to attending the Masses she/he is scheduled to serve. You will have certain responsibilities such as lighting candles, holding the books used at Mass, ringing bells, saying prayers and assisting the Priest during the Mass. Servers are normally scheduled every 2-3 weeks. It is a wonderful way to serve God and play a very important part in the life of our parish. A four week training course will start in June. The students will be commissioned as an altar server during Mass. If interested call the Parish Offices 978-658-4665. Think and pray about this important ministry.

(NOTE: Announcement is from the latest St. Thomas/St. Dorothy church bulletin.)

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