Help This Wilmington Mom Get On The Cover Of Runner’s World

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s Jill Chisholm is in the running to be featured on the cover of Runner’s World, but she needs your help!  Among other running accomplishments, Jill founded the popular Sole Sisters Running Club in town.

Vote for Jill in the Runner’s World Cover Search HERE.  You do have to vote via a Facebook or Twitter account (and all that entails), but this is certainly a worthy cause!  You can vote everyday. The current round of voting ends on July 22.

Here’s what Jill has written on her entry page, in response to the three questions the magazine asks:

Why Do You Run?

I run for many reasons. As a mom of three boys I started running as a way to carve out time for myself. Running gave me something that was my own and I didnt have to share it with anybody else. I run to push myself as an athlete and to compete. I run with my friends for companionship and girl time. I run for the relaxation it brings me. I run because it is part of me.

What Are Your Most Significant Running Accomplishments?

My most significant running accomplishment is coming back from knee surgery after being sidelined from running for 9 months. I worked hard on my rehab to get stronger and faster and was determined to make 2015 the year of my comeback. I have had much success this year by continually placing in my Age Group at races and most recently placing 2nd in my Age Group at the Run To Remember in Boston.

How Has Running Changed Your Life Or The Lives Of Other People?

I founded an all female running club in my community called Sole Sisters Running Club. We are an Official RRCA and USATF member club and are 180 members strong. The strength and determination of this group of woman supporting each other is inspiring. Many of these ladies have told me that I have changed their lives for the better but what they don’t realize is they have changed mine. I am continually inspired and they push me to want to reach new heights with my running.

Again, here’s the link to vote:

Jill Chisholm
Jill Chisholm (from Runner’s World’s contest)

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