Wilmington’s State Senator Bruce Tarr Wants To Change Mass. License Plates For Important Reason

BOSTON, MA — At the State House last Tuesday, State Senator Bruce Tarr (R, Gloucester) was an invited speaker at the state’s 15th Annual Missing Children’s Day gathering, sponsored by the Molly Bish Foundation.

On his Tarr Talk website, Tarr provided a recap of the event:

“Speakers reaffirmed commitments to keeping children safe, through systems such as Amber Alert, and expanded DNA database, and tracking and accountability measures for sex offenders.

Among the systematic changes discussed was the strengthening of our state’s license plate system, using an EZ-ID format that I have been working to advance over the past several years, and that is the subject of legislation I have filed and advocated during that time.

An EZ-ID law will create a general issue license plate to include a randomly assigned symbol, such as a star, heart, diamond, circle, etc., into each registration number itself, reducing the necessary number of letters and numbers otherwise needed on each plate.  This would make it easier for all of us, even for very young children, to recognize, remember and recall license plate registrations.”

Watch Tarr discuss the proposed EZ-ID law here:

Read Tarr’s ED-IZ bill HERE.

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