Trash Collection Issues Appear To Be Resolved, But Town Explores Back-Up Plans

WILMINGTON, MA — The town’s trash collection delays are over, at least for now. (UPDATE: It looks like I spoke too soon, as residents are STILL reporting delays after reading this article.)

At Tuesday night’s Selectmen Meeting, Wilmington Town Manager Jeff Hull announced that the town’s current trash hauler, Northside Carting, has “caught up” on curbside trash collection over the weekend, with the assistance of another company.

While Northside Carting blamed equipment failures as the primary reason for the delays, some residents suggest the company’s expiring contract with the town played a role.

“Wilmington is unfortunately in a similar situation as other communities utilizing Northside as their municipal trash hauler,” noted Hull.  “Northside’s contract with the Town ends June 30th.  Russell Disposal Inc. will be taking over the Town’s curbside waste collection serve on July 1 using automated pick up for both rubbish and recyclables.”

If delays resurface, Hull asks residents to leave any trash that are in containers with secured lids out at the curb until collected.  If any trash does not have secure containers, Hull asks residents to bring it back into the house for the night and place back out at curbside by 6:30am.

“The Town has a back-up plan in place for collection services,” revealed Hull.  “The cost to implement the plan would be $80,000 per month, which is approximately $32,000 more than the current monthly cost.  We would not execute this option unless trash ceased being collected.  In the meantime, the Town continues to investigate other ‘Plan B’ options.”

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