WHS Drama Club Presents HAMLET on May 28, May 29 & May 30

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington High School’s Drama Club (WHS Lamplighters) is performing Hamlet this weekend — Thursday, May 28, Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30 at 7pm — in the brand new High School Auditorium.

Tickets to this spring production cost $15 for adults and $12 for students, senior citizens, and children under 10.  Tickets cost $10 for students on “Student Night” on Friday, May 29.  Email jason.luciana@wpsk12.com for ticket information.

The Cast includes:

– Jim Lawrenson: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
– Matt Leiskau: Claudius, King of Denma
– Mei Lu Barnum: Gertrude, Queen of Denmark
– Jordan Briere: Polonius
– Tristyn Surprenant: Horatio
– Kate Fitzpatrick: Ophelia
– Shannon Sullivan: Laertes
– Jeremy Tingdahl: Fortinbras
– Aaron Harrington: The Ghost, King Hamlet
– Andrew Dawson: Rosencrantz
– Ivan Yermakov: Guildenstern

The Players:
– Alex Fischer: First Player/Player King
– Kelly Dankese: Second Player/Player Queen
– Chris Romano: Third Player/Lucianus
– Ashley Bonnette-Kim: Fourth Player/Prologue

The Gravediggers:
– Nick Gorham: Bailiff
– Tommy Brabant: Sexton

Elsinor Sentries:
– Meghan McMahon: Marcellus
– Natalie LaFleur: Bernardo
– Brittney Mallebranche: Francisco

Elsinore Entourage:
– Julia Warren: Osric
– Sam Lodato: Voltimand
– Anna Pietropaolo: Cornelius
– John Irizarry: Reynaldo
– Kaitlin Whiteman: English Ambassador
– Mary Robles: English Ambassador

If you attend, please consider participating in the Red Sox Ticket Raffle organized by the Wilmington Choral and Theatre Support (CATS) Group.


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