Reading Cooperative Bank’s Nancy Brown Teaches Wilmington Girl Scouts How to Save

READING, MA — Nancy Brown, Manager of Reading Cooperative Bank’s Wilmington Branch, recently spent time with Girl Scout Troop #85148 [of Wilmington]. Together, they reviewed the “freebies worksheet,” which compares the cost of buying certain items with an alternative option for obtaining the same item; for example, borrowing a book from the library instead of buying it saves the cost of the book, yet provides the same value as buying the book.

“Teaching the Girl Scouts different ways that they can save money now is a great lesson that they can use for the rest of their lives. Separating wants and needs, along with finding alternatives that are less expensive, will help them to be financially savvy in the future and make better decisions with their money,” says Nancy Brown, Wilmington Branch Manager.

“From the start, Nancy had the girls engaged. She eased them into the exercise by having them come up with how much they think each item would cost and then coming up with an alternative way to meet the same need. It was a fantastic way to get the girls to see different ways of saving money, and teaching them the importance of being responsible with their money,” says Troop Leader Eileen Jareo.

Teaching Children to Save (TCTS) is a national program that organizes bank volunteers, like Brown, to help young people develop savings habits early in life. The program was founded in 1997, and since that time over 145,000 volunteers have taught over 6 million students the importance of saving.

About Reading Cooperative Bank:

Reading Cooperative Bank is a 21st-century community bank with a track record of progress dating back to 1886. The Bank was founded on the principle that profit and growth go hand-in-hand with responsible banking and service to the community – a philosophy that put Reading Cooperative Bank on a long-term track for success. You can visit any of the Bank’s eight branches in Reading, Wilmington (2), North Reading, Woburn, Andover, Burlington, and Reading Memorial High School (available to RMHS students only). You may also visit online at

Members of Wilmington Girl Scout Troop #81548
Members of Wilmington Girl Scout Troop #81548

(NOTE: The above is a press release & photo from Reading Cooperative Bank.)

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