Ten-Year-Old Contributes His Ingenuity to Help His Church Thrive

WILMINGTON, MA – As 10-year-olds, many of us were likely focused on playing sports, but Wilmington, MA resident Collin McDade decided to also put his energies toward helping his church remain a strong and active part of the community. Collin used his ingenuity to create a special ring tone, entitled “First Song.” It is available on iTunes and the proceeds will help support the church’s outreach programs. An Android version is expected to be available soon.

The Wilmington United Methodist Church offers space and support to a wide variety of causes, including several twelve step programs, more than a dozen Girl Scout Troops, feeding and food pantry programs for the homeless and more. Collin’s fundraising effort will help to defray the costs borne by the church.

With the economy making a slower than expected recovery and the deep commitment to supporting community-based organizations, the church is facing financial challenges. In a recent letter to the congregation, Church Pastor Travis Bonnett-Kim noted that: “we share our financial resources with others not because we have a surplus of money, but because others have needs.” He called upon his parishioners to respond with whatever financial contributions they might make. Collin contributed the ring tone in the hopes of raising money through iTunes global audience. All proceeds from this download will benefit the Wilmington Methodist Church.

The ring tone supports his vision: “the world would be better if we remember that we are all connected!” The signature sound of the ring tone makes this vision come to life. His hope is that every time someone hears this ring tone, grace will be given and it will be a reminder that we are all linked together for a cause greater than our own.

Collin created the ring tone in his music class at school. A creative and energetic “kidpreneur,” Collin has dyslexia and attends a school dedicated to students with this type of learning difference. While the dyslexia makes reading and writing challenging, dyslexia can benefit creative pursuits like Collin’s. He and his family emphasize that those with dyslexia see and interpret the world differently, a “silver lining” that is evident in Collin’s perspective on the world.

(Press release posted on Wilmington United Methodist Church’s Facebook page.)

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