Vote For Wilmington Mom Cheryl Slater To Win WROR’s ‘Wonder Mother’ Contest & A Trip To Aruba

WILMINGTON, MA — A Wilmington mom, Cheryl Slater, is a finalist in 105.7 WROR’s “Wonder Mother” Contest.  The winner, based on a popular online vote, will receive all inclusive vacation to Aruba.  The lucky mom will be announced on Friday, May 8 during the Loren & Wally Morning Show.

To cast your vote, click HERE.  Before voting, you must create an account. Voting ends on Friday, May 8 at 8am.  You can vote once every 24 hours.

Here’s what Cheryl’s children wrote when nominating her:

“My mother should win because she does everything for her kids. She is a NICU nurse at Mass General, she has two sons and a daughter with cystic fibrosis. She recently ran the Boston Marathon for the cystic fibrosis clinic. She trained for 4 months and somehow was still able to be present in the hospital with her daughter along with going to work and going back to school online. She does everything for her kids from going to basketball games after working 12 hour shifts to running 26.2 miles for her kid. My mother deserves this trip more than anyone.”

Cheryl Slater (photo from 'Wonder Mother' website)
Cheryl Slater (from ‘Wonder Mother’ website)

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