LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New Town Moderator Rob Peterson Thanks Supporters

Wilmington Residents,

I submit this letter to offer my sincerest gratitude on having been elected as your new Town Moderator. Words cannot express how thankful I am, and this letter cannot possibly relay the pride I feel for being able to serve the Town of Wilmington, a place I have called home my entire life.

First, I would like to congratulate my opponent, Leigh John Martinson, on a well run campaign. It was evident that Mr. Martinson had a highly organized group of supporters, and he undertook great efforts in his bid to be elected. Mr. Martinson is a highly accomplished attorney, and a well-respected member of this community. I thank Mr. Martinson for his willingness to serve our community.

Growing up in a family with deep roots in this community allowed me to realize, at a young age, how truly special Wilmington is. Perhaps it was my upbringing, coupled my own maturation process, but at the age of twenty-eight I am able to appreciate this community and all those who make it such a special place to live and work.

On Election Day, as I stood beside family and friends, I was overwhelmed with the support I received from those coming and going from the various polling locations. I was humbled by the well wishes, and moved by all those who took time out of their Saturday to come vote. I could not lose that day, for even if the votes were not cast in my favor, the outpouring of support I received from family and friends would have been enough to make the day a success to me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my beautiful fiancé, Kelly Cunniff, who was instrumental in my victory. I am fortunate beyond words to have a supportive, caring and understanding person in my life. While I was busy campaigning over the past months, it was Kelly who always kept me grounded and ensured everything was always in order at home. As a quick illustration, to show how supportive Kelly is and was throughout the campaign, she even cancelled her wedding dress fitting which was scheduled for Election Day.

I would further like to thank my parents, Bob and Carla, who selflessly gave their time to my campaign. From the early beginnings, through the announcement of the results at Town Hall on election night, my parents were by my side. Further, my parents instilled in my siblings and I the love of family and need to stick together. Thus, it should be no surprise that at every step of the campaign trail you could always find my sisters, Catherine and Mary (along with Catherine’s husband, Matt, and Mary’s boyfriend, Brian), and my brother, David. Also, you may have routinely seen my aunts, uncles and cousins out and about Wilmington holding my signs over the past few months. I believe our family is a true illustration of Wilmington – we stick together at all times, and when someone is in need we come together in support. To my entire family, I love you all, and I thank you for your support.

The much-appreciated support I received from former Town Moderator Jim Stewart is what gave me the confidence to know that I could fill the position he was vacating after twenty-five years.  Others who were instrumental in my election, and those I would like to personally thank, are Selectman Michael McCoy, Selectman Michael Champoux, State Representative James Miceli, State Representative Ken Gordon, School Committee Member Steve Bjork and School Committee Member Mary Jane Byrnes. These folks are just a small fraction of my supporters, and to all those I haven’t personally named, please know that your support is more appreciated than you will ever know.

Having had the opportunity to moderate my first Town Meeting last Saturday, I can honestly say that I was readily prepared for the endeavor. I hope that in the years to come we can undertake efforts to make Town Meeting even more efficient, and I promise to work towards that goal so long as I am your Moderator.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your support in electing me as Wilmington’s new Town Moderator. I welcome the opportunities and challenges that the future may hold, and I look forward to seeing you around town and at the 2016 Town Meeting.


Rob Peterson

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