Selectmen Mike Newhouse & Lou Cimaglia Endorse Martinson For Moderator

WILMINGTON, MA — Selectmen Mike Newhouse and Lou Cimaglia have publicly endorsed Town Moderator candidate Leigh Martinson in this week’s Wilmington Town Crier.  The endorsements, along with a photo of the three, are included in an advertisement (a double-sided, colored insert) paid for by the candidate.

“Leigh has made a career of learning the rules inside and out, applying them to complex situations and explaining them to people in a way that makes sense,” writes Selectman Mike Newhouse.  “He is smart, honest and confident.  He is cool under pressure.  He has all the tools that will make him an exceptional Town Moderator for many years.”

“I was introduced to Leigh several months back and right away I knew he was a sharp guy,” writes Selectman Lou Cimaglia.  “When he called me recently to tell me a little more about himself and his bid for Moderator, I was really impressed.  But what I liked the most was that when I asked him if he called looking for my endorsement, he said, ‘No, I’m looking for your vote.’  I respect how hard he is willing to work to succeed, so he earned my vote — and I offered him my endorsement.”

The insert also touts endorsements from School Committee member Julie Broussard and residents Jacqui Hayden Allard & Jenn Hayden Cushing.  Lawyers Robert Feldman and Paul Delva also vouch for Martinson’s effectiveness in the courtroom.

Two other Selectmen — Mike Champoux and Mike McCoy — have publicly weighed in on the Town Moderator race, endorsing Martinson’s opponent — Robert Peterson, Jr.  Read McCoy’s recent endorsement letter HERE.

Peterson, for his part, has a large ad in this week’s Town Crier (Page 14).  Peterson mentions the support he’s receiving from outgoing Town Moderator Jim Stewart.  Read Stewart’s recent endorsement letter HERE.  In the ad, Peterson touts his demonstrated commitment to the Wilmington community; his “consistent voting and attendance record” in local elections and at Town Meetings; and his ability to apply the rules fairly while possessing the necessary temperament to run successful and efficient meetings.

Are you ready to vote, Wilmington?  The Annual Town Election is THIS SATURDAY, April 25, 8am-8pm.  Not sure if you vote at Boutwell, Wildwood or Town Hall? Click HERE to find your voting location.

Mike Newhouse & Lou Cimaglia holding signs for Leigh Martinson. (Photo from Martinson's Facebook campaign page)
Mike Newhouse & Lou Cimaglia holding signs for Leigh Martinson. (Photo from Martinson’s Facebook campaign page)

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