School Committee Member Steve Bjork Endorses Peterson For Moderator

Dear Editor,

This year, for the office of Town Moderator, I will be casting my ballot for Rob Peterson

I first met Rob several years ago when he joined the Wilmington Rotary Club, and I’ve seen firsthand his devotion to the Town of Wilmington.  In addition to the Rotary Club, Rob is on the WCTV Board of Directors, a member of the Burbank YMCA Board of Advisors, and a Wilmington Youth Hockey coach.

As a School Committee member, I especially appreciated the time he spent as a member of last year’s Wilmington Public Schools Superintendent Search Committee.  He and the rest of the committee performed yeoman’s work and supplied the school committee with outstanding finalists for the position.

Those are only the examples of service to the Town of Wilmington that I am aware of. There are likely more.

Rob spent time as legislative aid on Beacon Hill, and had a number of options available to him.  However, he chose to practice law in his hometown in his family’s firm – just one more example of his dedication to the Town of Wilmington.

A charge made against his candidacy is that he may have higher political aspirations for the future.  I don’t know this to have any credence whatsoever; but even if he does, I say, so what

I don’t think the person holding the position of Town Moderator need be an indentured servant.  No one, no matter what their station in life, can guarantee 10 or 20 years of service in any particular position.  None of us truly know what changes and surprises life may throw at us in five years, never mind 20 years, henceforth.

When he was challenged by his opponent to guarantee 10 years in the position of Town Moderator during the recently televised debate, Rob responded with an inspired answer.  He said, and I’m paraphrasing, that if Michael Caira was challenged to guarantee a specific number of years in the position of Town Moderator (the position Caira held when tapped to become Town Manager) Wilmington would have lost out on a fantastic Town Manager

Great point.

No one can know what the long-term future holds for Rob Peterson, or for anyone else for that matter.  But, in getting to know him over the last several years, I am absolutely confident that Rob will be dedicated for the rest of his life, in one form or another, to the Town of Wilmingto

I know that he would serve the town admirably as its next Town Moderator.

And I believe, if given the opportunity, he will serve in that capacity for many years to come

Please join me in casting a vote for Rob Peterson as our next Town Moderator.

Steve Bjork

Rob Peterson Lawn Sign

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