LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Committee’s MJ Byrnes Asks For Your Vote

Dear Wilmington Community,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am seeking re-election to Wilmington’s School Committee. It has been my pleasure to serve my community in this role, and I’m looking forward in continuing to ensure that Wilmington Public Schools provides each of our students the ability to reach their fullest potential in the safest learning environment possible

These past three years have been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have truly benefitted and learned from listening to parents, students, and other residents on the issues that are most important to them, as well as, receiving continued mentoring and support from my fellow colleagues and Superintendent. This experience has allowed me to become a stronger, more independent voice for our district, and has allowed me to develop a strong working relationship with our legislative delegation to ensure that our district and students needs are always being met at Local, State and Federal levels.

Besides sitting on and working in collaboration with my colleagues on the Policy Committee and various collective bargaining teams within our school district, I am very proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved in my first term on the School Committee. Over the past three years, I have been honored to serve as the delegate and representative to our committee at MASC’s statewide convention, voting on key initiatives that will benefit our children and school district. As your Legislative Representative, I have and continue to work with our Local, State, and Federal representatives, through letter writing and continuous meetings, to address school safety measures, Common Core standards, and the importance of adequate funding for the many unfunded and underfunded mandates that impact our school district each year. These conversations have also afforded me the opportunity to meet with the Commissioner of Education, Mitchell Chester, to address these topics, along with the growing concerns of the PARCC assessment and its implementation.

Out of all my obligations as a School Committee member, my most important responsibility to date has been my participation in the Superintendent Search Committee and the hiring of our next leader, Mary DeLai. Her commitment to our schools, students and community is evident, and I am looking forward in continuing to  work and support her in ensuring our District continues to succeed in providing a high quality education and creating a strong foundation for our children’s future.

It is truly an honor and privilege to live in a community that is so dedicated to our children and their education. Even though this is an uncontested race, I would ask the public to come to the polls on April 25th and cast a vote for me, in support of the work that my colleagues and I continue to do on behalf of the students, parents and educators of this community


MJ Byrnes
Wilmington School Committee

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