Parents Of Special Education Students Invited To Free Seminar On Post-High School Transition

WILMINGTON, MA – CLASS, a local organization with an office in Wilmington, works to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

CLASS is holding its next seminar – a seminar focused on planning a child’s transition to life after high school – on Saturday, May 2, from 8:30am to 1:30pm, at Casica Hall on the campus of Merrimack College (315 Turnpike Street, North Andover).

This free seminar provides educational support and resources for families of children on the autism spectrum or with developmental and intellectual disabilities, ages 12 to 22 and beyond.  The seminar includes sections on: (1) turning 18 – legal matters and government benefits; (2) independence, housing & transportation; (3) employment, education & day services; and (4) social & recreational development.

The seminar’s flyer states: “An 18th birthday comes suddenly and abruptly if you’re parents of children with disabilities.  After attending school for nearly 15 years, kids and their families develop a rhythm, one managed in large part by teachers and the school system.  But a new pattern must be developed for young people with disabilities the day after they turn 18, focusing on entering the world of adult special services.  Let us help you get ready.”

Register for the class online HERE.  Got questions or want more information? Contact CLASS’s Stacy Murphy at or at 978-975-8587 ext. 1218.

The seminar is funded by the Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation.

CLASS Transition Planning For Adults Flyer
CLASS Transition Planning For Adults Flyer

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