LETTER THE EDITOR: Martinson Will Make An ‘Outstanding’ Town Moderator, ‘Heck Of A Nice Guy’ Too

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Leigh John Martinson for the position of Wilmington Town Moderator.

Leigh will be an outstanding Town Moderator for the following reasons:

– Leigh is a very intelligent, hardworking family man.  He earned a law degree by going to school at night while working full time to support his family. He went on to become one of the top attorneys in his field and a partner in a prestigious Boston law firm.

– His courtroom experience has taught him how to handle the most difficult cases.  This will serve him well as our next Town Moderator as he will ensure that our Town Meetings will be run effectively and efficiently and he will not allow any one person to attempt to hijack our meetings by monopolizing the microphone for their own personal agendas.

– Since moving to Wilmington, Leigh has served as a volunteer youth soccer coach, youth lacrosse coach, and youth hockey coach while also serving as a member of the Wilmington Youth Hockey Association board of directors. Leigh wants Wilmington to remain a place where people want to stay and raise their families.

Leigh Martinson has all the qualifications to be our next Town Moderator. On top of all that, Leigh is one heck of a nice guy and I hope you join me and vote for him for our next Town Moderator on Saturday, April 25th.

Tom Walsh

Leigh Martinson Sign

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