Wilmington Educational Foundation Hands Out $4,400 In Educator Exploration Grants

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Educational Foundation recently awarded $4,400 in “Educator Exploration” Grants to three Wilmington teachers and staff members.

According to WEF’s website, “This grant allows teachers the opportunity to travel and experience the subjects they are teaching in the classroom.  Experience art, cultures, science exploration, etc. with the goal of bringing what they have learned to the classroom, engaging children and enhancing their learning experience.”

The recipients included:

  • WHS English Teacher Mia Parviainen will travel to Finland on a self-directed fellowship to study three significant Finnish authors.
  • WMS Spanish Teacher Donna Dube will travel to the Don Quixote Language Academy in Spain for a two-week intensive Spanish class.
  • West Psychologist Bethany Dionne will travel to Cape Cod Institute for Advanced Training in Collaborative and Proactive Solutions For Kids with Social, Emotional & Behavioral Challenges.
  • While not part of the educator exploration grant program, WEF also funded West Music Teacher Robyn Barry’s trip to the Annual Massachusetts Music Educators All-State Conference last month.

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