Ownership Change At Rocco’s Is Nearly Complete

WILMINGTON, MA — The I’s are being dotted and the T’s are being crossed.  The sale of Wilmington’s iconic Rocco’s Restaurant is nearly complete after last night’s Board of Selectmen Meeting.

Selectmen unanimously approved the request of the new owners, C & C Restaurant Group, to obtain a common victualer license for Rocco’s at 193 Main Street. Selectmen also unanimously supported the transfer of the alcohol license from the current owner to the future ones.

The actual transfer of the title to the property is expected to take place on Thursday, May 7, according to the attorney for the new owners, Robert Peterson.  Peterson was present at last night’s meeting alongside Joseph Cerqueia, who will serve as the new manager of Rocco’s.  Sal and Jose Cuoto are also part of the ownership team.

The presence of longtime Rocco’s owner Chuck DePasquale in the audience did not go unnoticed.

“Thank you Chuck for a couple of generations worth of great service to our community,” said Selectman Mike Champoux. “Thank you for all you’ve done for so many organizations in time over the years.  Rocco’s has been and will continue to be very dear to many in the community.”

“Thank you and your family for the many years,” added Selectman Lou Cimaglia.

A few abutters from Dewey Avenue attended the public hearing to voice their dismay over several issues they have with the property, including a broken fence, unsecured dumpsters and grease containers, excessive litter, and plowed snow from Rocco’s parking lot winding up in their street.  Town Manager Hull, attorney Robert Peterson and current owner Chuck DePasquale assured the abutters that the new owners have agreed to address the issues within their first 30 days.

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