LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Champoux Is “One Of The Good Guys In Wilmington,” Provides “Strong, Level-Headed Leadership”

Dear Editor,

I am writing to give a strong endorsement for Mike Champoux for Selectman for the upcoming election on April 25th.

Since we moved to Wilmington in 1997 we have seen many positive changes in the community that are a direct result of the leadership and government of our Town.  Members in Town Government continue to be fiscally conservative but progressive as it relates to the needs of our community.  Wilmington continues to have one of the best Bond Ratings in the Commonwealth and yet we continue to offer more to the community in terms of facilities for both education and recreation.  Mike Champoux has certainly been a big part of this success during his last 6 years on the Board of Selectman.

In the last several years I have seen Mike’s involvement in a new High School approved and under construction, the acquisition and redevelopment plan for Nine Cross Street (formerly Yentile Farms), the proposed acquisition of Ristuccia Arena, and the acquisition of the land abutting St. Dorothy’s Church for future municipal needs.  But I have also seen how Mike will err on the side of caution with new proposed developments, such as opposing Kinder Morgan’s current plans for a proposed gas line near Town water supplies and opposition to New England Trans Rail to create a transfer station at the Olin Site.

In my role as past President of Wilmington Youth Soccer, I saw the commitment from Mike to the youth of this town and its sports programs.  Mike volunteered for years as a Coach and made himself available on behalf of the Town to celebrate our State Championship teams.  As previously mentioned Mike was very much an advocate for the purchase of Nine Cross Street for a new recreational park.  I sit on the development committee for this project and see the time and effort Mike puts into advancing our facilities in Town to the benefit of all.

Mike Champoux is truly one of the good guys in Wilmington.  He is a true family man who devotes many volunteer hours through Town government, youth sports, and various groups including the Chamber of Commerce, and the Knights of Columbus. In all of my dealings with Mike, I have found him to be professional, inquisitive and courteous.

We need strong, level headed leadership to ensure Wilmington continues its path of progress coupled with fiscal conservatism.  Mike has a track record of doing this and his involvement in our Town truly makes Wilmington a better place to live and raise a family.  I would like you to join me by voting for Mike Champoux for Selectman so he can continue to do more of the same.

Ed Riekstins

Mike Champoux Bumper Sticker

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