SENIOR CENTER SPOTLIGHT: Sign-Ups Begin TODAY (4/14) for “The Funniest Woman Ever” on 5/7 at Senior Center

(Below is an announcement published in the latest newsletter from the Wilmington Elderly Services Department.)

On Thursday, May 7 at 1pm, the Wilmington Senior Center will host “The Funniest Woman EVER!,” a production from the Delvena Theatre Company.

Because of the Wilmington Cultural Council Grant, we are excited to announce a performance of “The Funniest Woman EVER!” This is a two-person show featuring Lynne Moulton and Fran Baron. This production centers around the hilarious Totie Fields, a woman that Ed Sullivan and Merv Griffin called “The Funniest Woman EVER”. “Totie” will perform some of her funniest stand-up comedy routines and interact joyfully with her audience. This is a fun time for all! Sign-up starting Tuesday, April 14, 2015!

Call the Center at 978-657-7595 to learn more, including how to register.

(NOTE: Senior Center Spotlight is a weekly feature that will run every Tuesday on Wilmington Apple.)

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