LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Town Moderator Jim Stewart Endorses Peterson For Moderator

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Rob Peterson for Town Moderator.  As the Town Moderator for the past 25 years, I take very seriously my endorsement for the candidate that I feel will do the best job in replacing me.   Although both candidates are fine gentlemen, in looking at the qualities that I believe make a good Town Moderator, I feel the decision is clear. Fairness, consistency, and patience are key attributes to be successful in this role.  Above all, having the values to make the correct decision, not necessarily the popular one, is paramount. I know Rob Peterson is the candidate who possesses these qualities and abilities.

Rob has grown up in Wilmington and comes from a family deeply rooted and highly respected in the community.  This has given him a sincere appreciation for Wilmington’s history. Rob is deeply committed to Wilmington, and his candidacy for moderator is rooted in his desire to further give back to our Town. Rob has been involved in Wilmington Youth Hockey as a coach, even though he has no children in the program, is a member of the Wilmington Rotary Club, sits on the Board of Directors at WCTV, and served on last year’s Wilmington Public Schools Superintendent Search Committee. Further, Rob has made the conscious decision to pursue his profession as an attorney here in Wilmington, which shows his clear dedication to the people of our community.

Rob has demonstrated an appreciation for the issues that come before Town Meeting, and has shown a dedication to those issues.  These are the type of things that matter when you choose to serve your community. Rob has been very actively involved in the Town Meeting process and has attended and been involved in many Town Meetings over the past several years.  The ability to run an effective Town Meeting is something that is honed from involvement and understanding of the process, not just from a desire to do so.

Some may bring up Rob’s age as a concern.  I think his youth and enthusiasm is an asset.  The voters of Wilmington gave another lifelong resident, about Rob’s age, an opportunity to become Town Moderator 25 years ago.  I cannot think of anyone better to give that same opportunity to again, than Rob Peterson.  I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Rob Peterson for Town Moderator.


Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart Endorses Robert Peterson Jr.
Jim Stewart Endorses Robert Peterson Jr.

Rob Peterson Lawn Sign

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