WHS Sports Round-Up For 4/13: 5 WHS Teams In Action Today

Yesterday’s Results  (Sunday, April 12):

  • No games played.

Today’s Schedule (Monday, April 13):

  • The Boys Tennis Team (1-0) hosts Burlington at 3:30pm at the Textron Tennis Courts.
  • The Girls Tennis Team (0-2) visits Burlington at 3:30pm at Rahanis Park.
  • The Boys Track Team (1-0) & Girls Track Team (1-0) host Burlington at 3:30pm at Wilmington High School. [NOTE: The details and locations of these meets COULD change.]
  • The Girls Lacrosse Team (0-2) visits Peabody at 4:45pm at Peabody High School.

(NOTE: Game listings were taken from Schedule Star.)

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