LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Committee Member Julie Broussard Endorses Martinson For Moderator

Dear Wilmington voters,

The town of Wilmington has a long history of strong Town Moderators.  The role requires excellent communication skills, confidence, quick thinking, attention to detail, and fair treatment of all participants.  I believe Leigh John Martinson possesses these traits and I am enthusiastically endorsing his candidacy for Wilmington Town Moderator.  I came to know Leigh through our daughters, sitting in the stands at Ristuccia while the kids learned to skate and standing on the sidelines at the soccer fields.  I’ve seen first-hand his commitment to his family and to the future of Wilmington.

Achieving partner before he was 40 at a prestigious Boston law firm, Leigh has a record of success in the courtroom advocating for Fortune 500 companies.  Self-motivated to build his practice, Leigh’s work required long hours and time away from his young family and the community he had chosen to call home.  In the past, having a young family myself, I wasn’t always able to attend town meetings and be as involved in the community as I hoped to be.  With his law practice firmly established and his children a little older, the timing is right for Leigh to pursue his interest in taking a more active role in our town’s government.

Please join me in voting for Leigh John Martinson on Saturday, April 25th.  Every vote counts!

Thank you for your consideration,

Julie Broussard

Wilmington School Committee

Leigh Martinson Sign

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