Harlem Superstars Showtime Basketball Coming To Town On 4/16, Fundraiser For WHS DECA

WILMINGTON, MA — On Thursday, April 16 at 7pm, WHS DECA is hosting the Harlem Superstars Showtime Basketball in the Wilmington High School Gym.  This family-fun event features trick shots, slam dunks, dancing, music and autographs.  Tickets cost $10 at the door.  (Advanced tickets are on sale for $8 at the Wilmington Recreation Department in Town Hall.)  See the event flyer HERE.

According to their website, “Harlem Superstars are a group of talented basketball players whose main mission is to entertain kids and their families through the game of exciting show time basketball. We are not the Globetrotters, although we do respect them for being the pioneers of comedy basketball. We believe our new and fresh philosophy is better and more up-to-date with today’s society. We do fundraisers to raise money and the teams that we play against consist of Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, Students, Celebrities, and much more. We also play at Corporate affairs, Colleges and Church functions. You put the team together and we will play against you to raise money for your good cause. We offer a great family show.”

The Wilmington High School DECA Team is fundraising to send a dozen of its members to the International Career Development Conference in Disney World later this month.

Harlem Superstars (from  harlemsuperstars.com)
Harlem Superstars (from harlemsuperstars.com)

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