LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rep. Ken Gordon ‘Wholeheartedly’ Endorses Peterson For Moderator

Dear Editor,

It is my pleasure to recommend to the voters of Wilmington as your next moderator, my friend and former legislative aide, Rob Peterson, Jr.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rob several years ago, before I was elected as your State Representative serving the third precinct of Wilmington.  I noticed right away that he is a very bright, energetic and enthusiastic supporter of the rights of Wilmington residents. I also saw that he possessed judgment far beyond his years.  That is why I was excited he agreed to come with me to Beacon Hill, the only person I offered that job to as I took office.

He proved to be adept at figuring out and maneuvering through the various egos that are found in our state capital. He knew how to get things done, both advocating the policies we brought to the legislature, and sifting through the proposals that came our way.

Perhaps his best attribute was the patience and kindness he showed to our constituents who called when they had a problem with state government.  He treated everyone with respect.  I heard from several people in our district how well they felt Rob treated them when they called our office.

It is these traits that will serve Rob well if the voters of Wilmington elect him as your next Town Moderator. He will treat everyone at Town Meeting fairly and with respect. He will keep in mind both the desire of people to voice their opinions on warrant articles, and the need to stick to an agenda and keep meetings organized.  His judgment will help him with his selection of town committee members.

Wilmington will be in good hands with Rob Peterson as moderator and I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Thank you,

Kenneth Gordon

State Representative

21st Middlesex District

Rob Peterson Lawn Sign

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