Wilmington Around The Web: 12 Articles Online You Should Read

Here are 12 stories about Wilmington published online within the last seven days (Sunday, March 29 to Saturday, April 4) that residents should consider reading!

#1) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Lisa Kennedy-Cox interviewed Selectman Mike Champoux, who is running for re-election against challenger Kevin MacDonald.

#2) The Lowell Sun’s Chelsea Feinstein interviewed Selectman candidate Kevin MacDonald (sorta) about his four Town Meeting warrant articles.  The story also includes Selectman Champoux’s thoughts on MacDonald’s proposals.

#3) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Brendan Foley recapped the big news out of last week’s School Committee meeting — the governor’s budget would cut kindergarten funding and Wilmington would lose $132,000.

#4) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Sharon Adelman Crowley explored how the Wilmington school system and community are supporting homeless children and struggling families.

#5) Fox 25’s Elizabeth Hopkins highlighted the Wilmington Recreation Department’s Easter Egg Hunt, in a larger story on how the weather is affecting hunts across the state.

#6) The Wilmington Patch’s Liz Taurasi interviewed Wilmington’s Animal Control Officer Ellen Sawyer on how to deal with fisher cats.

#7) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Brendan Foley reported on the successful “Feel The Teal” fundraiser at RMA Fitness for Wilmington resident Jackie Sugrue.

#8) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Brendan Foley reported on the Wilmington Youth Lacrosse Association’s recent 10-year anniversary celebration.

#9) The Wilmington Town Crier’s Brendan Foley continued his strong string of articles with a preview of the upcoming “Chicks with Sticks” fundraiser on April 12.

#10) Emily Sweeney’s popular “Blotter Tales” in the Boston Globe featured a bizarre incident from Wilmington involving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

#11) The Boston Globe’s Felice Freyer reported on a recently released Blue Cross Blue Shield study which showed — based on the census track samples used in the analysis — that Wilmington has one of the lowest uninsured rates in the states when it comes to health insurance.  In fact, the Wilmington census track (which consisted of less than 1,000 residents) had an uninsured rate of zero!

#12)  Falls slightly outside the 7-day window, but I definitely wanted to include Bruce Coulter’s powerful article in the Wilmington Advocate from two weeks ago about a brave Wilmington mom who is sharing the struggles of her late son’s drug addiction to raise awareness.

NOTE: If I missed a story you think is worth sharing, please email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.

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