Wilmington Memorial Library’s 3D Printer Now Available For Public Use

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Memorial Library’s 3D printer is out on the floor and accepting reservations! If you have an .stl file you created in your own computer aided design (CAD) software or downloaded one from a site like thingiverse.com, you can go HERE and reserve your 2 hour block.

Thanks to the Friends of the Library’s annual appeal, there is currently no charge for a 2-hour print job. However, jobs that take longer than two hours may be subject to a charge.

If you attended one of the demos at the library over the past few months and were waiting for the printer to be available, your wait is over. If you missed the demos, you’ll be able to catch up quickly because technology librarian, Brad McKenna, will be on hand during your reservation time to teach you how to use it.

(The above is a recent post, slightly modified, from the Wilmington Memorial Library’s blog.)

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