Wilmington Community Fund Launches New Website; Celebrating 70 Years

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Community Fund launched a new website this week.  It can be found HERE.

The Wilmington Community Fund, celebrating its 70th year of “people helping people,” has three major goals: (1) provide direct relief to Wilmington families, individuals, the elderly and children; (2) provide basic needs — heat, light, utilities, emergency assistance and medical relief; and (3) provide food products on a bimonthly basis to those in need.

The Fund currently provides four key services.  (1) The Fund’s Wilmington Food Pantry, located at 142 Chestnut Street,  currently helps more than 85 families, supplying them food on a bi-weekly basis.  (2) The Fund’s Emergency Relief Assistance Program provides direct assistance to residents going through difficult times.  (3) The Fund’s Holiday Giving Program anonymously pairs Wilmington children in need with donors during the winter holiday season.  (4) The Fund’s Scholarship Program sponsors four $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Wilmington.  The online application is now open until April 30.

Every year, the Fund can be found serving lunch during the Fun on the Fourth’s Family Day and selling pewter tree ornaments during the Wilmington Tree Lighting Ceremony.

The Fund, run by a board of volunteers, also provides additional community support services.  In recent years, the Fund, for example, has provided: defibrillators to the School Department; rescue equipment for the Fire Department; technology updates for the Library; and carbon monoxide devices to residents.

Have a question about the Wilmington Community Fund?  Contact the organization by calling 978-658-7425; emailing wilmcf@verizon.net; or mailing to Wilmington Community Fund, P.O. Box 147, Wilmington, MA 01887.  Like the organization on Facebook HERE.

Wilmington Community Fund logo
Wilmington Community Fund logo

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