Play A Sport At WHS? Wilmington Boosters Association Announces Scholarship

WILMINGTON, MA – The Wilmington Boosters Association announced the details surrounding its 2015 Athletic Scholarship yesterday.  The application can be downloaded HERE.

“The scholarship is for Wilmington High School senior male and female athletes who have demonstrated good sportsmanship and leadership on and off the field,” writes the Boosters Association.

In addition to answering several basic questions, applicants must write an essay on a separate piece of paper, answering one of two questions – (1) What has been your most meaningful experience in your athletic career at Wilmington High School? or (2) Why have you applied for this scholarship?

Applicants must have their coaches, or the athletic director, sign their application to confirm their participation in the sports they list.

Applications must be postmarked by May 2 and mailed to Wilmington Boosters Association, P.O. Box 216, Wilmington, MA 01887.

Winners will be announced at the Wilmington High School Scholarship Night.

Learn more about the Wilmington Boosters Association HERE.

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