Town Provides More Details On New Automated Trash & Recycling Collection Program

WILMINGTON, MA — Last month, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a new automated trash and recycling collection program for the town to begin this summer.  (Read that story HERE.)  This week, the Public Works Department provided additional information on the program, which can found below:

Frequently Asked Questions: Automated Trash & Recycling Collection

Q. When will this program begin?

The Automated Trash & Recycling Collection program is scheduled to begin over the summer of 2015.

Q. What is Automated Collection?

Collection program where residents’ trash and recycling is collected using a mechanized arm on the truck to lift and discard trash and recycling from wheeled standardized barrels.

Q. Do I have to pay for my new barrels?

Each household will receive one free 64 gallon container to be used for trash and one free 95 gallon container to be used for recyclable material. These will be delivered to your residence prior to the program start date.

Q. When will my trash and recycling be collected?

Trash Collection will occur weekly while collection of recyclables will continue to occur bi-weekly. The day of collection will not change from your current schedule.

Q. What should I do with my old containers?

You can keep your old containers or use them for yard waste collection. The Town will be sponsoring a Drop-off Event for the free collection and recycling of your old containers. The dates and location of the drop-off will be announced in June.

Q. What do I do with extra trash?

75% of all household waste is recyclable. Most households, if actively recycling, will not generate more trash than can fit in the 64 gallon container each week. The 64 gallon container holds five standard 13 gallon trash bags. If a household finds they do have extra trash, there will be two options available to properly dispose of the additional waste. Overflow bags will be available for purchase at local stores. Additional 64 gallon trash containers may also be rented for an annual fee. Details of this option will be announced in the coming weeks. Residents are encouraged to try the program before renting an additional container. Typically, only 2-3% of households will rent a second container.

Q. What do I do with extra recycling?

Recyclables not in the official 96-gallon container will not be collected. An extra 96 gallon recycling container may also be issued. Details will be announced in the coming weeks regarding requirements and fee.

Q. What are Overflow Bags?

Overflow bags are the only approved bags for extra trash. These bags hold 33- gallons and cost $2 each. Overflow bags will be sold in packets of 5 for $10. Availability at local stores will be announced in the coming weeks. Trash not in official 64 gallon container or overflow bags will not be collected.

Q. How does the Town keep track of containers?

Each container will have a serial number and assigned to a specific address allowing them to be tracked.

Q. What do I do with Bulky Material?

Bulky item (furniture, mattresses etc.) collection will still be picked up free of charge. Residents will be allowed to dispose of one bulky item per week at no extra cost. Residents will notify the Town’s vendor of their address and then the vendor will complete the collection on a Friday.

Q. What do I do with TVs, Monitors and White Goods?

There will be no change in white goods and CRTs (TV’s and computer monitors etc.) collection. Stickers are required and can be obtained at Town Hall. The cost will remain the same at $10 per item. Similar to bulk items, white goods and CRTs will also be picked up on Fridays.

Q. What do I do with my yard waste?

Yard waste will continue to be collected by a separate truck on the predetermined schedule. See the Wilmington DPW Website for dates. Yard waste can be placed curbside in standard trash cans or paper yard waste bags. Full cans/bags must weigh no more than 50 Lbs.

Q. Should I continue to bag my trash?

Yes. Bagging your trash will help to keep the cart clean and sanitary.

As the date of implementation gets closer, more information will be distributed to residents.

The DPW plans to participate in various community events to provide residents with information on the transition.  Further, residents will receive instructions and informational materials with their container, through the mail, in the local newspapers, WCTV and on the Town website.

In the meantime, should you have any questions please contact the DPW at 978- 658-4481.

NOTE: Residents can download this FAQ sheet HERE.

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