Customers Share Their Favorite Memories Of Rocco’s, Thank DePasquale Family

WILMINGTON, MA – Rocco’s is being sold.  After the news broke Thursday morning, customers have been flooding social media with their favorite Rocco’s memories and messages of thanks to the DePasquale family.  Some kept it short and sweet.  Others had lots to say!  Here are thoughts from 50 customers:

“I remember going after all the band concerts! A lot of great memories!” – Judi Allen

“Best of luck to the DePasquale family.” – Jennifer Bolanos

“Back in 1959, on Halloween, if you knocked at the back door, you got a small piece of pizza.  I have been going there with my family and friends for years.” – Nancy Boutwell

“Oh, the pizza there was great no matter what you ordered.” – Sally Brennick

“From orange sodas and pizza growing up to singing with Mary for St. Paddy’s Day … Best place Ever.  Thanks for a lifetime full of memories.  Best of luck to the DePasquales and the new owners too.” – Linda Burns

“My husband Milt and I lived around the corner from 1977 for 25 years and spent many evenings at Rocco’s for dinner. I remember sitting near the fireplace and seeing your Mom and Dad many, many times, Good ol’ Days.  Good Luck Chuck.” – Barbara Calder

“Warmest congratulations to Chuck and best wishes for the future.” – Nancy Chaput

“Good Luck to the DePasquale Family. We will miss you.” – Phil Couco

“Wilmington loses a treasure. So many fond memories going back to the late 50’s & throughout my high school days in the early 60’s.  We’ll forever miss this neighborhood landmark.   Best of luck Chuck & family and Thanks a million times over.” – Paul Currier

“My very first sub was purchased at Rocco’s 50 years ago.  Thank  you for the memories.” – Edward Daley

“What!  My father used to go to Rocco’s after school with his friends back in the 50’s. We used to go in after football games in the 70’s.  My kids eat in there with friends now.” – Wendy Danna

“It was always a treat going to Rocco’s back in the 50’s. I remember that you had to be on your best behavior or “Rocco” senior would be asking you to leave. Good memories!” – Linda Eaton

“Best of wishes to Chuck and his family and thanks for the memories!”  – Keith Ferrell

“So very, very sad. Wilmington is losing an icon!” – Lois Freeland

“Best wishes to Chuck and his family!” – Nancy Fudge

“Best memory as a child was the spaghetti in a bucket. Mom or dad would bring it home sometimes.  I live in NH and come home just for their pizza.  The best.  I hope the new owners don’t change the recipes!” – Kathy Fulmer

“Some of my earliest memories were having family celebratory dinners at Rocco’s. It has been a Wilmington staple forever! My family has continued to go there for graduations, birthday dinners, etc.  It is like eating at home all together. The food is always great, the staff is professional, and caring.  Rocco’s is like family to so many of us.  It is also a local meeting place.  You can go there any night and see someone you know.  One of my favorite things they always did was St Patrick’s Day and Halfway to St Patrick’s day!  I also loved going to the Rocco’s Christmas parties, and singing Karaoke.  I wish all of the DePasquale family the best of luck, the best wishes, and all of my love.  Thank you for being such a huge part of my family’s lives all these years.  We are grateful.” – Mary Giroux

“Chuck, enjoy your retirement!  Hope the new owners keep it the same.” – Deborah Harrington

“Hope the food doesn’t change.  My kids love Rocco’s.” – Linda Grubb

“Best of luck to everyone, but must be honest, sad to see the change….  I know they all had to have worked very hard, kids included… I love the DePasquale family history because it is similar to mine and I can relate to how much work, time and lack of regular hours for a social life.  You have to have great respect for that. Wishing all the best to all, including the new owners.  I know so many people that love that place and its people so much, I must admit it brought tears to my eyes, but this is life.  The memories made can never be taken away!” – Pat Haynes

“Yes, thank you! Great family and dedication to Wilmington.” – Bob Jaeschke

“I really enjoyed Rocco’s, and have become a friend of Chuck’s. I wish him and family the best, and thanks for all you’ve done. I have eaten at Ataska’s and can say for sure, Wilmington will continue to have a gem, wonderful Portuguese food.”  – John Havens

“Oh no! I feel sad!! It will never be the same but best wishes to Chuck and family! Wonderful memories!” – Luann Konaxis

“Thank you for a great family business. They will be missed” – Steve LaCambria

“Wow; that really takes me back! I remember Rocco’s. Great food!” – Gary MacDonald

“So sad about this.  I hope they keep the etched window.” – Michelle Maffei

“Last September I had my daughter’s 30th birthday celebration there.  Can’t thank everyone enough for making it such a wonderful day!” – Paulette Mangano

“So many memories from childhood right up to now! Good luck to all! And thanks for the memories.” – Marilyn McGrath

“Great Family, Great Food, tough act to follow!” – Steve Mello

“Going to Rocco’s is like going home. The staff including Chuck go above and beyond. Chuck has helped our family so many times I cannot even think of listing them.  Rocco’s was always my family’s first choice, we were never disappointed and always had fun.  Good luck in your retirement Chuck.  You and your staff will certainly be missed.  Thank you for your years of service to your customers.” – Patricia Morrill

“I have so many memories of Rocco’s going back over 30 years ago. I used to have dinner with Millie Cavanaugh and her & Mom there (the good olde days)… Many end of the year sports banquets were held. It then became a good drinking spot after working long hours at Osco Drug. Rocco’s has also supplied the Turkey Dinners to Deming Way for the Wilmington Police Union. I am going to miss Rocco’s!” – Stacie Murphy

“Wow! It will always be Rocco’s no matter whose name is on the sign. Last of the Wilmington icons. Thank you for all you have done.” – Cheryl Peters

“Oh my, from when we were kids to so very recently, Rocco’s was the place to be, to meet old friends, and to share special times… Raise a glass to the DePasquales, thanks for being part of Wilmington’s History, of our history!” – Beth Pidgeon

“So sorry to hear of the retirement of Chuck and the sale of Rocco’s!  Chuck was overwhelmingly generous to WHS hockey and supplied banquet food and team dinners to many of the varsity boys’ hockey teams over the years!  The Face Off Club ladies loved holding meeting in the little room at Rocco’s (close to cocktails and apps!).  Rocco’s will be missed!  Good luck in the future!” – Sue Rogers and Family

“So sad! One of the few places left that made Wilmington, Wilmington!” – Sonya Ross

“So sad! Best wishes to the DePasquale Family, the neighborhood just won’t be the same!” – Susan Santoro

“I’m a former resident of Wimington, where I was raised from age 2 when my parents Bill & Mary Silva bought our house on 24 Dobson St. Both my sister Mary Lou Sims (Silva) & I babysat the DePasquale children while both of their parents worked in the restaurant in front of their home. They would not only pay us for babysitting but would also bring us their wonderful Italian food! To this day, as a 65 year-old Portuguese, Irish & English woman living in Phoenix, AZ, I still love Italian food & not fish or seafood. It will be sad to see this Wilmington historical change ownership after all these years of being owned & operated by the DePasquale family. Although I suppose all good things invariably will come to an end!  I will still go eat there when I come home to visit my family/sister that still lives in Wilmington, but it will truly never be the same.” – Patricia Silva

“It will never be the same.  It is a true landmark!” – Donna Simard

“This is such sad news! We lost Mancini’s all those years ago, then Michael’s Place, and now Rocco’s?” – Stacy Smith

“One of my favorite places back in the day.” – Steven Spangler

“Rocco’s was the only place around to go and get pizza and go out to eat when I was a kid growing up in Wilmington. My dad and I still go there every Wednesday for a late lunch. Just want to say good luck to the DePasquales and thanks for the memories.” – Karen Squires-Baro

“Wishing them the best.” – Maureen Stevens

“I am sure it wasn’t an easy decision. But now relax and enjoy your new beginning thank you Rocco” – Deb Strand

“Rocco’s has been family to us for the past 25 years ago when we moved to Tewksbury!  Rocco’s made our Thanksgiving dinner for many years! You made our holiday very special and so easy with your homemade meal!  You catered our family parties with your wonderful home cooking!  Oh yes, St. Patrick’s Day celebration and the half way to St. Paddy’s Day with your awesome boiled dinner! Thank you for all your hard work! You will be sadly missed!”  – Linda Anne Moffitt Sutherby

“Worked here for more than half my life, this place will always be home for me.” – John Tranfaglia

“Oh, so sad, thought it would always be there. I have so many memories, and heard them from my aunt, too, so my mother went there also (3 or 4 generations).  I hope the family carries with them the place they had in everyone’s hearts.  It’s like losing Prince spaghetti day all over again!” – Carol Trout

“So sad to hear… One of the only original family-owned restaurants left.” – Maria Trouville

“It’s not often that a business stays in a family for 4 generations. My first job was working the counter (when there was a counter). ‘Old man Rocco’ was Chucky & Mark’s grandpa. When I worked Saturday afternoons, he used to come down to the kitchen and cook because the family was coming on Sunday. He would tell me about how he & my grandfather (who I never knew) would take the train from Boston to come to Wilmington to build their businesses. Old man Rocco collected the field stones that the restaurant is built from. Remember that boys?” – Carol Van Steensburg

“When we moved to Wilmington from Quincy 44 years ago, Rocco’s was the first restaurant we went to that first week we were in Wilmington all by ourselves. It was the point when we gave directions to our house that we would say “take a left at Rocco’s.”  We were honored to know Rocco and his family and appreciate all they did for the town, and for the landmark they created.  I wish the family the best, as the restaurant business is hard work and is 24/7.” – Sandy Volpe

“Many thanks to you Chuck and your staff for years of great service. Enjoy the next chapter, you have earned it.” – Kevin Wexler

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