Wilmington State Rep. Jim Miceli Begins 20th Term In Office

BOSTON, MA — Speaker Robert DeLeo appointed Representative James Miceli (D-Wilmington) to the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means for the 189th Session of the Massachusetts State Legislature. This appointment marks the fifth term for Representative Miceli to serve on the Committee for Ways and Means, as he previously served on this most influential group many times in the past. In addition to his previous experience on the committee, Representative Miceli is a ranking member on the committee as a senior member of the House of Representatives. During Miceli’s tenure he has served on many influential committees and also as a chairman.

“I am excited and ready to serve again in this capacity” said Representative Miceli upon receiving the news of his appointment to the committee. “People know that I will use my position on this panel to not only help both the residents of Tewksbury and Wilmington, but to also help the Commonwealth overall. We are in a critical time financially for Massachusetts, and with my experience I am prepared to help eliminate our shortfall while simultaneously striving to find solutions that can keep our quality of government services as high as they can be.”

The Committee on Ways and Means is considered a highly important and valued committee, as it oversees and considers all legislation affect­ing the finances of the Commonwealth. The topics of legislation the Committee on Ways and Means covers are extremely various in their nature, and include taxation and revenue generation, financial policies, certain agency expenditures, budgetary predictions, and even economic stimulus in the Commonwealth. Several areas of concern the members of the Committee on Ways and Means look to rectify include the budget shortfall for the FY 2015 budget, as well as research, develop, and finalize a FY 2016 budget. In addition to these matters, the Committee also seeks to improve laws and other anti-waste and fraud measures to ensure efficient spending.

(Press release submitted by Rep. Jim Miceli’s Office)

State Rep Jim Miceli (Photo from State House website)
State Rep Jim Miceli (Photo from State House website)

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