Wilmington Memorial Library Announces Poetry Contest

WILMINGTON, MA — It’s a Wilmington tradition!  In celebration of National Poetry Month in April, the Wilmington Memorial Library once again invites residents of all ages to participate in its annual poetry contest.

THEME. All submitted poems should deal with the theme of “school.”  The library offers up several ideas, including writing about your favorite teacher, your favorite subject, recess, your first day of school, or the new Wilmington High School.

RULES. The rules are simple!  Poems cannot be longer than 20 lines in length.  Poems can be funny or serious.

WINNERS. Winners and honorable mention will be selected in six categories: Kindergarten + Grade 1; Grades 2 + 3; Grades 4 + 5; Middle School; High School; and Adults.  Winners and honorable mentions will be invited to recite their poems at the library’s Poetry Night on Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm.  Winners will receive a poetry book from the Friends of the Library while honorable mentions will receive a Book Store Next Door gift certificate.  The winning poems will be published in the local newspaper and on the library’s website.

SUBMISSION. Poems must be submitted to the library no later than Saturday, April 4.  Poems can be submitted online HERE or by printing out this form and returning it to the library.

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