WILMINGTON POLICE LOG for March 30, 2023: Wilmington Man Arrested For Assault & Battery On Police Officer; Wilmington Man Arrested For OUI

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log from Thursday, March 30, 2023:
  • A caller stated that while on his way to work, a red Dodge pickup truck kept brake checking him and driving extremely slow. Caller passed him and pulled into work parking lot. Dodge pickup truck then turned around and came into parking lot, parked next to his vehicle for a few minutes, and took photos of it. Police were unable to locate truck. (5:50am)
  • Police were able to locate truck later on on Upton Drive. Driver said he was not brake checking caller. He claimed he was taking a class nearby and was unfamiliar with area. He took photos of the caller’s vehicle because he thought the vehicle struck his vehicle. (6:25am)
  • A caller reported a woman with a cardboard sign was following customers to their cars in the Market Basket parking lot, asking for money. The woman asked the caller’s 12-year-old son for money too. Police responded and spoke with the party in front of TJ Maxx. Involved parties claimed they were trying to sell candy. Parties stated they were heading back to Lowell in the next 30 minutes. (4:33pm)
  • Police assisted with a motor vehicle lockout outside of CVS. (10:24pm)
  • Michael J. Donohue (60, Wilmington) was arrested for Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. Bryan Christopher Smith (60, Wilmington) was arrested for OUI Liquor; Negligent Operation Of A Motor Vehicle; and Disturbing The Peace. A caller reported a man was yelling and screaming after driving a hummer into a stop sign, a tree, and multiple parked cars on Evergreen Drive. Man entered apartment building and headed to third floor. Police responded. Fire Department requested for evaluation and transported man to hospital. Hummer towed. (10:57pm)

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