LETTER: MJ Byrnes Takes Issue With State Rep Candidate’s Statement On Police Bill

Dear Editor,

As someone with family in the law enforcement community, I felt compelled to respond to what can only be seen by this reader as the intentional misdirection Alec DiFruscia utilized in his press statement to the Wilmington Apple, reported on July 14th.

There are three points that Mr. DiFruscia speaks to that are intentionally obscured or outright inaccurate in his statement regarding the “Lack of Transparency Around Police Bill” and lays the sole blame to the Democratic membership in the Massachusetts Senate.

First, Mr. DiFruscia wrongfully assumes there is a Democrat plot for this bill, ignoring the fact that Governor Baker, a Republican, had released a police reform bill simultaneously. This discussion most certainly does not fall under one party, as proven by Governor Baker’s actions.

Second, Mr. DiFruscia claims that the bill went without a hearing. That is true for the Senate, but the House of Representatives did indeed hold an electronic hearing for anyone in Massachusetts – a choice made by the Democratic leadership. I know this as Representative Robertson included some of my opinions in his testimony on the flaws of the presented bill, as well as emphasizing what police actively support within the proposals.

Lastly, Mr. DiFruscia states his presence would bring some change to Beacon Hill “transparency.”  He seems to be completely unaware that a Representative has absolutely no influence over Senate proceedings. This is an elementary understanding of a “Checks and Balance” form of government that is utilized throughout the world, and is not even specific to Massachusetts. It concerns me that someone running for a job, especially a State Representative position, would at the very least understand the basic proceedings before making such a pretentious claim.

I am not surprised by this pomposity, nor Representative Robertson’s thorough research and discussion with our local law enforcement departments around this Bill, which Mr. DiFruscia has yet to take a public stance on. This Bill not only impacts Law Enforcement Officers, but also their families, children and the communities they serve.

A State Representative needs to represent all constituents, regardless of party denomination, equally. That most certainly does not come across to this reader in Mr. DiFruscia’s recent press statement on this important matter, and only creates speculation of a personal agenda.

Vague statements and promises are no substitute for plans and substance.


M.J. Byrnes

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3 thoughts

  1. MJ Byrnes I am glad that you took the time to write and submit this. I would like to also know where the Repub candidate stands on the many amendments that were voted on with regards to H4860. But he has virtually no concern of the voters knowing where he stands anywhere except to submit the monthly Republican State Committee written papers. Good Luck with that…I wouldn’t vote for him if he was running for dog catcher

  2. Well said, MJ Byrnes! I watched the recent debate online this morning and it is clear to me that David Robertson is the best choice for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District. I am a registered independent who votes for the PERSON, not merely the ‘party’ and I was impressed by the substance behind all of Dave’s detailed and explanatory answers which were all based on FACTS, his voting record and ability to cite EXAMPLES of how he achieved those goals in his first term. Dave came across as both devoted and RESPONSIVE to his constituents, down to earth, approachable and SINCERE with a firm grasp on the issues and the PROCESS needed to go through (who to call on, etc.) by which to get things done for the betterment of both our communities. I believe his track record shows that. His opponent on the other hand has no ‘substance.’ Alec ‘knows’ all the buzz words as we HEARD several times throughout the forum like a worn out sales pitch, but rhetoric and mere slogans do not a good candidate make. Dave, you have cemented my vote on Nov. 3rd, good luck, and I hope others will join me in returning you to the seat in which you belong!

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