POLICE LOG for July 21: Police Show Restraint With Individual After Multiple Calls; Teens Yelling Profanities; Comet Watchers

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log from Tuesday, July 21, 2020:
  • Police sent a couple of juveniles playing on the Shawsheen School basketball courts on their way. (1:06am)
  • Police assisted with a motor vehicle lockout at Sonny’s Mobil on the Run. (6:19am)
  • A caller requested an officer speak to the operator of a vehicle who is parked in a handicap parking spot and refuses to move at Harmeling Physical Therapy on Upton Drive.  Vehicle left prior to police arrival. (9:12am)
  • A caller reported a parked car was struck by another vehicle pulling into a parking spot in the Starbucks parking lot. Police assisted with paperwork exchange. (12:32pm)
  • Police received complaint of dog constantly barking on balcony at Metro at Wilmington Station. (3:11pm)
  • A caller reported a black man — 30-years-old, wearing no shirt — was running after cars on Main Street near the Woburn line. Woburn Police were  notified and had received calls as well. Wilmington Police responded and located man, who refused to talk with officers and continued walking. Police determined man was no longer a hazard or impeding traffic. (4:14pm)
  • Later, police received another call reporting the man is walking into traffic. Police spoke with the man on Eames Street, gave him a Gatorade, and advised him not to walk in the middle of the road. (4:48pm)
  • Later, police received another call reporting the man was walking in the roadway and waiving his shirt at traffic. Police responded. Man was back walking on the sidewalk and not impeding traffic. (5:33pm)
  • A Grace Drive caller reported a young child operating a moped down roadway during wheelies and not wearing a helmet. Neighbors denied seeing or hearing anything. (6:28pm)
  • A caller reported a group of teenagers screaming profanities at each other in the roadway at River Street and Mass Avenue. Teens scattered when police arrived. Police told remainder of the group of keep it down. (8:00pm)
  • Police received report of a suspicious vehicle on Congress Street driving slowly through the neighborhood, stopping in front of random houses. Police responded. Driver and occupants were looking for a good view of a comet. (10:29pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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