State Rep. Robertson Designates $850K In Earmarks To Help Town Accept More Unaccepted Ways, Improve Route 38

Below is a press release from State Representative Dave Robertson’s Office:

BOSTON, MA — Tewksbury and Wilmington may see relief coming to local roads, thanks to earmarks placed by Representative Robertson. Placed during the transportation bond bill, these earmarks emphasize the Route 38 corridor within both towns of the 19th Middlesex, as well as including language regarding “unaccepted ways” within Wilmington. These bonds will bring necessary relief to overutilized and underserved segments of our shared infrastructure.

“While I unhesitatingly voted against the gas tax levy being placed upon everyday folks, I remain focused on the process and I continue to fight hard to find any silver lining that I can bring home to my district,” said Representative Robertson. “We’ve made great progress on fixing Route 38 and we will continue to see major projects in the future, not just this year but next year as well. These bonds could continue our momentum and these earmarks would serve as an opportunity to directly address some of our biggest headaches.”

The four earmarks, split evenly among the district, contain over $1.5 million for specified tasks. One earmark, for $500,000, is targeted for the engineering, surveying, and redesign of “unaccepted ways” in Wilmington. This funding would help to cover a portion of the remaining ten percent of costs currently expected to be borne by the homeowners, as these streets are updated as part of their recognition and acceptance by the town. Another earmark sets $350,000 towards engineering improvements on Route 38, from Burlington Ave. to Lake St.

In Tewksbury, $400,000 was tabbed to redesigning the Main St. corridor from Colonial Dr. down to Shawsheen St. While another $500,000 was designated for intersection and signal improvements at Pleasant & Main. With the new fire station and combined elementary school projects proceeding in the near future, traffic flow in and around this major crossroads is expected to undergo some complications and this money will work towards creating a more pragmatic and successful flow of local traffic.

The transportation bill now heads to the Senate for further debate and passage.


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One thought

  1. Great Job Rep Robertson.
    Some how I can’t see the candidate for your position bringing home these large funds to the district. Also, for those that listen to the opposition babbling about tax and spend Democrats let the record show that you opposed the Gas Tax Bill!

    Re-Elect Dave Robertson 2020

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