STATE REP RACE: DiFruscia Accuses Robertson Of “Shifting His Stance” On Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

Below is a statement from Alec DiFruscia (R-Tewksbury), a candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex:

TEWKSBURY, MA — Alec DiFruscia, Republican Candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, today released the following statement regarding Rep. David Robertson’s December 5th Op-Ed expressing his opposition to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants:

“As soon as I entered the race, I immediately called on the legislature to stop driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. Representative Robertson was silent until we pushed him to take a stand.

Make no mistake – it was just last year Rep. Robertson was on the record saying that ‘ICE is unbelievably broken and disgraceful.’

I have always stood against efforts to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. I understand that having a driver’s license is a privilege for those who follow the law.

Like most career politicians, Rep. Robertson simply shifted his stance once he knew he was facing a competitive challenger, but the voters of Tewksbury and Wilmington won’t forget what he really thinks.”

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One thought

  1. I commend anyone that has graduated from George Washington University. But let me get this straight, challenging our state rep is a bit presumptuous since I’m not so sure this candidate would win the primary. Why? First, has lived in Tewksbury for 20 years except college then it’s actually just living at home. Second, on his LinkedIn account he has worked in DC since 2013-present. But his primary address is in the Bury? Third, how about some life experience other than the college years. Forth, just another candidate that wants to go to the top of local politics without attending town meetings, serving on town committees or running for a town board? Robert maybe you should check his voting record for the past 6 years? No worries tho he will get a position with the RSC if not successful in this endeavor. Good Luck with that. BTW where is Pina? Lastly, if you are on the ACA until 26 maybe you should voluntarily give it up and pay for your own health care since you don’t believe in any taxes.

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