Acts Of Vandalism Reported At Wilmington Middle School; Superintendent Responds

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington School Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand has notified the Wilmington Middle School community of several recent acts of vandalism that “led to damage and destruction throughout the building.”

Brand met with the Town Facilities Department, the School Resource Officer, and members of the Middle School’s administration last week to learn more about the situation and was “alarmed” by what he heard.

“While I recognize that this year is soon to come to a close, and that this type of activity involves only a few students and not the majority, it is my belief that we cannot simply let this type of activity go unaddressed,” Brand wrote in a letter emailed to the school’s parents and guardians. “We must take the necessary steps and ensure that there is a clear understanding that this type of behavior is not acceptable within our educational community while, at the same time, reminding all students that everyone can play a role in their vigilance and in alerting staff when inappropriate student activity occurs.”

Brand stressed that vandalism not only violates the school’s expectations for students, but is also a form of criminal activity (destruction of public property).

“As a result, when any student violates these expectations and is found to be engaged in any type of activity that willfully damages the school facility, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the administration,” warned Brand. “Additionally, the involvement of our School Resource Officer may occur depending on the circumstances and appropriate financial restitution to replace/restore whatever has been damaged will also be expected.”

Brand has asked staff and administrators to remind students of the school’s expectations around the respect for property and the consequences when these expectations are met. Brand also asked parents and guardians to spread this message.

“Let me take this opportunity to ask for your assistance in ensuring that this similar message is shared with your child, and that they are reminded of the role that they can play as a member of this school community to either intervene themselves, or bring to the attention of a staff member any activity by a fellow student that is inappropriate and destructive,” said Brand.

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One thought

  1. Expel the little cretins and bill the parents. Anything less will just mean more damage and destruction when they get to the High School.

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