LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Now I Know Why Residents Don’t Attend Board Of Selectmen’s Meetings

Dear Editor,

My name is Gary DePalma. I’m the person Mr. McCoy attempted to bully at the last Board of Selectmen’s meeting. I’d like to set the record straight.

I asked what I thought was a reasonable question. The question I asked was IF Ms. Sullivan was elected to the board (she’s a candidate for the Board of Selectmen), would she have to step down from the Economic Development Committee she was just appointed to? I also stated that I SUPPORTED Ms. Sullivan’s appointment.

I was never given the opportunity to finish my question when Mr. McCoy attacked me. I was shocked with Mr. McCoy’s action. I’m just an average citizen with a question. What did I say as a concerned citizen that upset him so much? The other Selectmen answered my question. Thank you to them.

I attend as many meeting as possible and watch the others on WCTV. I believe this is part of my civic duty. Now I completely understand why residents of Wilmington don’t attend these meetings. Who wants to attend a meeting and be berated for asking a question? This is not what the citizens of Wilmington want out of our elected officials.

Mr. McCoy’s actions will not stop me from attending meetings in the future and if warranted speaking out. Funny thing is Mr. McCoy never answered my question.

Thank you for hearing my side,

Gary DePalma

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8 thoughts

  1. Maybe if Mr. McCoy had attended any of the library’s sessions during Civility Month, this wouldn’t still occur. I’d say an apology is in order.

    1. Ms. McDougall– I did apologize to Mr. DiPalma on live tv at the last selectmens meeting under new business. Maybe you missed it too. Now that I did the right thing, why don’t you do the right thing and apologize to me? During the state rep’s race, a week before the primary, you put a posting on the Facebook Community Page accusing me of sending out that mysterious letter relative to Judy O’Connell’s tax issues. Number one: It was not me. I’m not known for being shy and holding back when I have something to say. Number two: you had no proof whatsoever but you still publicly accused me. As soon as a couple of citizens defended me, you took the entire posting down. So, Ms. McDougall, I believe you owe me an apology, or are you not a big enough person to admit you were in the wrong?

  2. Hopefully McCoy does the right thing and apologies, rather than spinning it around and saying that DePalma was sitting near other candidates in the audience of the meeting, or claiming that DePalma’s wife accosted him.

    1. Hi Nick. I did do the right thing and apologized to Gary DiPalma. I did so publicly and on live tv at the last selectmen’s meeting. Perhaps you missed it–it was under new business.

      Now that that’s out of the way, Nick, buddy, come on now. Tell everyone your real name and who you are. We all know you’re a screen name. This is not the first time I’ve said this–I asked Robert Hayes several months ago why he allows fake accounts and screen names to make comments on The Apple’s Facebook page and gave him examples such as “Nick”, “A.S.”, “Smalltown Girl”, and “Jane Brown” just to name a few. I also went on to say that years ago, the local newspaper The Town Crier was the social media of the time and they allowed letters to the editor to be written. The authors could say whatever they wanted and bash whoever they wanted, especially during election season and get away with it just by signing “name withheld by request”. After many complaints from the community, they changed their policy and required full names and address verification. I told Robert Hayes about this, and asked him to rethink the policy of The Apple and eliminate fake accounts, initials, first names only and screen names. Robert Hayes said he would take it into consideration. This was last year. Robert–this has gone too far. People are hiding behind their fake names and you are allowing it. In this day and age, I ask you, Mr. Hayes, to set the example and do away with all fake names.

      Michael McCoy
      Wilmington, MA

      1. My apologies, I’m not up to date with Selectmen meetings on WCTV.org.

        How about the times I’ve defended you, such as in the link below?


        I sincerely hope that one day you make it into state politics Mr. McCoy, and pushback against the hacks in Beacon Hill! Our state government surely needs someone like you who doesn’t “go along to get along”.

  3. This really isn’t surprising. McCoy has been bullying residents and fellow local politicians for decades.
    He may not be beating up old men after meetings anymore (let us not forget he bloodied up Selectman Robert Cain back in 1989), but his aggressive attitude continues on 30 years later.

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