LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tewksbury Residents Should Vote Mike McCoy For State Rep Because…

Dear Editor,

I am writing you to help me inform Tewksbury voters of why I am voting for Michael V. McCoy, candidate for State Representative for Tewksbury and Wilmington on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at the State Primary election.

Tewksbury’s over building of multiple apartment complexes and high rises already affects traffic on Route 38 and side roads and they are not yet at full occupancy.  Tewksbury’s Board of Selectmen, Planning Board members, Board of Appeals members and Tewksbury Department Heads approved varied developers’ requests while our Firefighters still wait for their new Fire House.  Funding for the added use and upgrades of water, sewer, electric, cable, and schools as well as added strain on Police and Fire Departments is passed on to taxpayers.

Wilmington does not yet have over building as they have witnessed Tewksbury’s rapid growth folly in allowing town leaders to make decisions over the town’s future.  They also have Mike McCoy, nephew of beloved State Representative James Miceli, his role model and mentor and whose fierce commitment to public service was to represent residents’ wishes which lives on in him.  Mike McCoy is also a current and 28-year member (amazing record!) of Wilmington’s Board of Selectmen who listened to and championed resident’s requests to stop the town’s uncontrolled building and development saving taxpayer’s money and retaining their wish to remain a town.

Tewksbury residents need representation at the Town and State levels.  I ask you to join me and to vote for Mike McCoy for State Representative for Tewksbury and Wilmington at the State Primary election on Tuesday, September 4.

Mike fights for what is right!

Thank you.

Charlene Dennehey
Conservative Tewksbury Resident

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13 thoughts

      1. A.S. let’s DO refresh our memories. I encourage everyone to tap on then read the link you posted. Judy O’Connell incorrectly makes the statement that I have a police record. That’s wrong. I have no criminal record. If anyone can show that I’ve been convicted of any crime whatsoever, I will not only withdraw from the State Representative race but I will also step down from the Board of Selectmen. There is also a link that shows (for the third time) in these past four months “Grand Jury Indicts McCoy for Assault and Battery” March 13, 1991. Do you know what an indictment is? It is no more than an accusation. This 27 year old accusation resulted in no conviction and I have never been convicted of any crime at any time. This made headlines because Bob and I were both public political figures. In 1989 McCoy\Cain incident. In 1991, Indictment. In 1996, Bob Cain endorses Mike McCoy for reelection to the Board of Selectmen. In 1997, I endorsed Bob Cain and campaigned for his reelection to the Board of Selectmen. In 2018 just a few months ago, I saw Bob’s brother Freddy in Market Basket where I asked about him and told Freddy that I said hello. Bob Cain and I are good.

        Just as a point of to the readers, A.S. stated in past posts that he\she supports my opponent Judy O’Connell. Once again, I am so sorry and regret what happened between Bob Cain and myself 29 years ago. I wish it never happened and if I could take it back, I would.

        Mike McCoy

    1. I think Cain deserved it. I know he lost his seat because he did not treat the citizens right when we came to him/the BOS ( he was the chair) about he Olin Site and the childhood cancer concerns. Id that’s all ya got after from 20years ago……

  1. “Suzanne” you think Fight McCoy really beat-up an elderly man out of a sense of pediatric cancer justice? Give me a break! He and Cain disagreed and he acted like he always does, explosive temper. Then he ran and hid at his uncle’s house. The uncle, btw, who wouldn’t speak to him for 15 years prior to his passing. This can ALL be Googled and found on the Lowell Sun’s site.

  2. Ya know what “Kevin G”, maybe in the heat of the moment I should not have said what I did, I can admit when I ma wrong can you? But seriously give it up. Micheal and Mr. Cain buried the hatchet years ago, they let it go why can’t you? Over the years I too have buried the hatchet with people, it is what adults do. Try it you might like it. In fact, at one point Mr. Cain actually endorsed Mike for Selectman and vise versa the following year. Go to the recent “30 years with WCTV” video on the Apple and go to around the 7:30 mark and the Cain election against Jerry Duggan is on it. Mike McCoy ( little younger and a little heavier) is there because he was there with Cain and helped him win the election. So stop trying to make something out of nothing, and move on. https://wilmingtonapple.com/2017/12/30/video-wctv-celebrates-30-years-with-a-retrospective-video/

  3. Wow, Kevin G., I received my very first letter to the Apple editor of support and what, as an opponent supporter, do you do? You go low and bring up the McCoy\Cain incident from 1989. That’s right–you went back 29 years. I am so sorry and full of regret that happened and I have apologized to Bob Cain and to the public over and over. Today, Bob Cain and I are friendly. A few months ago I saw Bob’s brother Freddy shopping in Market Basket. We chatted and I told him to say “hi” to Bob next time they talk because Bob lives in Florida now. In 1996, Bob Cain supported me publicly for reelection to the Board of Selectmen. In 1997, I supported Bob Cain publicly and even campaigned for him for his reelection to the Board of Selectmen. Bob and I are good.

    Mike McCoy

  4. I find some of these posts to be ridiculous! You have one woman from Wilmington saying the guy who got bashed in the face deserved it and another guy who says he’s sorry and he doesn’t have a police record! Nobody should be getting physically assaulted ever for any reason and nobody should ever condone this barbaric behavior! It’s well known that Mr. Cain was physically assaulted and that is criminal behavior period regardless of what anyone chooses to call it. From what I hear a handsome sum of money was paid out for it too. Can’t wait to see Bob Cain’s State Rep letter of endorsement as I think we will all be waiting a very long time for it!

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