BREAKING NEWS: School Committee Appoints New Assistant Superintendent

WILMINGTON, MA — Hudson High School Principal Brian Reagan is on the verge of becoming Wilmington’s next Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

The Wilmington School Committee appointed Reagan to the position, pending successful contract negotiations, upon the recommendation of Interim Superintendent Paul Ruggiero and incoming Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand.

Reagan has served in several school leadership positions, including Hudson High School Principal (2011-present), Shrewsbury High School Principal (2006-2011), and Bedford High School Assistant Principal (2005-2011). He began his educational career as a music teacher.

Last week, Reagan – a finalist for the Lunenburg Superintendent position – withdrew his name from consideration, noting he had decided to take an Assistant Superintendent position in another district.  Reagan was competing with two other finalists, including former Wilmington Assistant Superintendent Kate Burnham, who is currently the Director of Special Education in North Andover.

The attention other school districts are paying Reagan may explain why the School Committee held a special meeting, an hour before Sunday’s High School Graduation, to make the appointment.

Reagan replaces Assistant Superintendent Sean Gallagher, who is leaving the district after two years to become Newburyport’s Superintendent.

In a slight restructuring, Reagan will be one of two Assistant Superintendents in Wilmington.

Back in March, the School Committee named Interim Superintendent Paul Ruggiero the Assistant Superintendent effective July 1, when Dr. Glenn Brand officially arrives. While Reagan will focus primarily on the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development, Ruggiero will step back into his previous role, but with a promotion in title from “Director of Administration and Finance” to “Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Finance.”

(NOTE: Cover photo is from Hudson High School’s student newspaper.)

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3 thoughts

  1. Hmm, Kate Burnham resigned shortly before the DeLai fiasco. Does anyone know why or if her resignation was a coincidence? One would wonder if DeLai forced her out or she resigned as she thought DeLai was “going postal”.

  2. It is amazing that the Town of Wilmington just hired a new superintendent at $190,000 per year and he needs two assistant superintendents. What are principals for and administrative aids for?

  3. Did anybody notice and hear the comments from interim superintendent Ruggiero at this year’s town meeting when the massive school budget got voted on. He was in shock!!!!!! The real question is Why was he in shock. The tax payers of Wilmington deserve a complete breakdown of every dollar that is in the budget for the school system and how much over budgeting there is and how much we are being overtaxed!

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