3 thoughts

  1. Is there a logo showing a cop taking money from a drug dealer with the caption: “The real reason drugs are not eradicated.”

  2. why in wilmington is the land where the detox facility is wanting to go all of a sudden grandfathered as far
    as zoning goes. I know my friends property certainly wasn’t grandfathered from the old 10′ setback come
    on people wake up that person lives right behind the gas station. what makes this a special occasion.
    Money ha dont complain officials when wilmington has property looking like lawrence. Better yet let these
    addicts have there parents send them to a rehab out of state they need to get away from their high school
    buddies and start fresh in a program. You have a program or a detox like that in wilmington th
    ese kids
    are going to go back to the same klick,klick, townies and be back at it all over again. Keep wilmington the
    town it was years ago its seems to be going hell in a handbasket as far as drug issues go you dont get
    the drugs of the street then your always going to have the issue of what to due with these young adults

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