Wilmington POLICE LOG (June 25-July 1)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, June 25, 2017.

Sunday, June 25:

  • A walk-in party reported a missing boy with autism, last seen walking towards Church Street. Police gave put out a BOLO to officers.  Police notified Fire Department and K9 team.  Police then confirmed with boy’s mom that he had returned home safe.  Search cancelled. (2:14pm)
  • Vehicles parked on both sides of Salem Street made it difficult to pass.  Police spoke to homeowner who was having a party and had all vehicles moved to one side of the street. (2:41pm)
  • A resident reported cars were parked on both sides of Glendale Circle, making travel difficult.  Party at Glen Road home.  Police had vehicles moved to one side of road. (5:20pm)
  • Kostandin Papajani (64, West Roxbury) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle without a license. Papjani struck a boy riding their bike at Sherwood Road and Cochrane Road.  Mother of boy refused medical attention and brought boy to hospital herself.  Boy was conscious and alert. (5:39pm)
  • When closing Town Beach for the night, police located owner of vehicle in lot and had him move it so lot could be locked.  Owner had been fishing. (8:04pm)

Monday, June 26:

  • Individual at the Town Beach pier parking lot said he was going for a swim. Police advised him of the hours of operation and sent him on his way. (12:39am)
  • Renee M. Prince (44, Somersworth, NH) was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license (subsequent offense) and 2 outstanding warrants.  Prince’s white box truck struck a pole and took down wires at Woburn Street and Eames Street.  Police notified RMLD and Verizon. (5:49am)
  • A Hanson Road caller reported her vehicle was entered overnight, but nothing appeared to be taken. (8:56am)
  • A Chapman Avenue caller reported a large fox was in the area. Animal Control Officer will follow up. (9:00am)
  • Animal Control Officer issued 13 citations for unregistered dogs. (1:55pm)
  • Police reported an inbound train blocking the roadway on Middlesex Avenue. Police notified Keolis. (2:22pm)
  • A Brentwood Avenue caller reported two baby skunks in her backyard. (2:54pm)
  • Abundant Life Principal reported the school’s 12-passenger van was vandalized sometime between yesterday and now. One of windows was broken. (4:08pm)
  • A caller reported losing a 14k gold wedding band at Planet Fitness two days ago. (4:40pm)
  • A 3-vehichle crash, including a motorcycle, happened at Federal Street and Concord Street. No injuries noted. Stop sign at intersection is down. (6:53pm)

Tuesday, June 27:

  • Henry William Favreau (38, Lawrence) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and no/expired inspection sticker. (12:51am)
  • A DPW worker flagged down a police officer near the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Middlesex Avenue. A needle was found.  Police retrieved it and brought it back to the station for destruction. (7:23am)
  • Animal Control Officer retrieved an injured rabbit from Apache Way and brought to Best Pets in Tewksbury. (8:24am)
  • Animal Control Officer retrieved an injured goose from Ballardvale Street and will meet up with the Animal Rescue League. (10:12am)
  • A Hillcrest Street resident reported his bicycle was stolen sometime this morning. Bike was a black and blue Trex bike with a lock on it. (12:17pm)
  • Police notified Amtrac that a train was blocking Middlesex Avenue at the North Wilmington station. (12:58pm, 9:59pm)
  • A Reading Avenue resident reported a flag and flag pole was stolen off of house. (2:44pm)
  • A caller reported that sometime overnight, an item of mail was taken from a Lowell Street home.  Caller wanted the incident logged. (3:12pm)
  • Police notified Mass Highway and DPW of a wide open man hole on Lowell Street. (4:10pm) A barrel was placed over the manhole. (5:35pm)

Wednesday, June 28:

  • Police was out with a vehicle in the Sunrise Market parking lot. Individual was going through trash bins looking for lottery tickets. (2:20am)
  • A caller reported her cat was stolen in Woburn and dumped on Oakridge Circle. Caller eventually reunited with cat. (8:27am)
  • Police notified Verizon of low hanging wires on Chestnut Street, about 100 yards prior to Route 62 (Burlington Avenue). (8:47am)
  • Police notified DPW that a small couch was left on the old Baby Beach at Silver Lake. (10:02am)
  • A Swain Road caller reports a man was walking around the neighborhood, possibly soliciting. Police spoke with the man and advised him not to solicit in town without the proper permit.  Man said an additional 6 men were currently soliciting nearby in Burlington. (11:47am)
  • A Linda Road resident reported her dog was injured after a neighbor’s dog entered her yard. (1:17pm)
  • Signs regarding Global Gas Station were stolen from Woodland Road properties. Caller wanted the incident logged. (1:53pm)
  • Animal Control Officer issued 12 citations for unregistered dogs. (2:49pm)
  • Town Manager reported 5 juveniles appeared intoxicated, were seen smoking on the Town Hall playground premises. Left in a red vehicle. Requested a check. No damage done to Town Hall.  Driver checked OK. Occupants said another juvenile went into the woods with a can and a lighter. (5:44pm)
  • Silas Williams (29, Wilmington) was arrested for receiving a stolen credit card, use of good obtained through unauthorized use of credit cards; receiving stolen property; and protective custody.  Williams was at the bar at Tremezzo claiming he stole a purse. Party left on food and was spotted entering Shell Gas Station, where h was arrested.  Shell employee said he was entering the station throughout the day, asking for free food and drinks and asking odd questions. (9:57pm)

Thursday, June 29:

  • Police received report that a motorcyclist operates on sidewalk during high periods of traffic. (7:02am)
  • Police notified Verizon of a low hanging wire on King Street. (8:13am)
  • Police issued 5 citations for unregistered dogs. (9:47am)
  • Police notified DPW of a pothole on Andover Street, near the town line. (10:05am)
  • A Dadant Drive resident reported fraudulent use of PayPal and PayPal credit accounts. (11:02am)
  • Animal Control Officer spoke with Lexington Street homeowner to remove several roosters from property within two weeks from today. (1:45pm)
  • A Burlington Avenue resident reported a fraudulent tax return filing using her information. (2:59pm)
  • A Carolyn Road resident reported his dog was bitten by an off-leash dog on Marcia Road. (4:24pm)
  • A syringe was found on the sidewalk on Boutwell Street.  Police retrieved for proper disposal. (6:02pm)
  • A caller reported a boy was walking a broken bicycle and appeared distraught.  Caller offered to call his parents, but boy would not give out information. Police caught up with boy and assisted the child with putting the chain back on his bike. (7:08pm)

Friday, June 30:

  • A 37-year-old Billerica woman was served with a warrant of apprehension and transported to Woburn Court. (9:03am)
  • Police issued a texting while driving citation to a driver on Burlington Avenue. (9:53am)
  • A 3-vehicle crash occurred on Main Street with airbag deployment. All five involved parties refused medical treatment. 2 vehicles towed. (1:38pm)
  • A caller lost his trailer plate between Andover Street and Wilmington center yesterday. (2:10pm)
  • An individual turned in a fanny pack found at Citizen’s Bank ATM.  Police notified owner, who retrieved pack. (6:02pm)
  • A woman tripped on a metal post protruding from the sidewalk on Middlesex Avenue. Police notified DPW for removal. (6:35pm)
  • Police notified Keolis that the railroad gates on Kilmarnock Street have been down for 10 minutes. (7:50pm)
  • A debit card was found an ATM and brought into the station.  All phone numbers associated with cardholder were out of service. (9:00pm)

Saturday, July 1:

  • Police notified DPW of a fallen tree limb on Lake Street.  Police were able to move out of the roadway. (3:52am)
  • Police notified DPW that the yellow floor mat on crosswalk on Town Common, across from tennis courts, has a screw loose that could be a tripping hazard. (9:02am)
  • An Acorn Drive resident reported a fraudulent charge on his debit card. (9:58am)
  • A Lucaya Circle caller reported her cat injured a bird. Police gave her phone numbers to Wilmington Wildlife. (10:27am)
  • Police notified DPW of a fallen tree in the woods next to the Winchester Family Medical Center on Salem Street. (5:04pm)
  • A caller stated there was a white male with his shirt pulled over his head and a black bandana trying to start a fight with her son.  He was last seen walking on Marion Street.  Police located the male in question.  He was given a ride back to his home. (10:16pm)
  • Police checked on the carnival equipment. (11:38pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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