Wilmington POLICE LOG (June 18-June 24)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, June 18, 2017.

Sunday, June 18:

  • Police noted a mailbox on Woburn Street was knocked over. (2:49am)
  • A caller reported two stone urns were stolen from her husband’s grave site at Wildwood Cemetery. (4:02pm)
  • A caller reported he found two needles and a spoon near his car in the Wilmington Plaza parking lot near Olympia Sports. (5:47pm)
  • Police noted a train was blocking traffic on Middlesex Avenue at the North Wilmington train station. (6:29pm)
  • Police came across a man sleeping in his car in the St. Thomas parking lot. Man checked OK.  He was sleeping prior to working a shift at 7/11 in North Reading. (7:11pm)

Monday, June 19:

  • Animal Control Officer visited a Hopkins Street home.  Homeowner was advised pigs were not allowed at residence. (8:20am)
  • Police received report of youths riding on scooters in and out of traffic on Main Street. (10:09am)
  • Animal Control Officer freed a bunny stuck in a hockey net on Taplin Avenue. (10:51am)
  • A minor crash between a postal truck and Water Department vehicle was reported at Middlesex Avenue and High Street. No damage to either vehicle. (11:47am)
  • A Carolyn Avenue homeowner reported she found some of her mail opened in her mailbox. (12:15pm)
  • A caller reported his wife was spit at by another driver getting off the driveway. Caller provided the license plate of the other vehicle and wanted the incident logged. (3:17pm)
  • Catherine A. Ricci (56, Cambridge) was arrested for larceny over $250. A Bay Street caller reported $4,500 was stolen from his house by Ricci, a real estate agent. (3:21pm)
  • A postal truck backed into a fence on Woburn Street. (4:14pm)
  • The mailbox across from the RMV on Middlesex Avenue was tipped over. Police notified USPS. (5:04pm)
  • Police notified DPW to pick up a bumper on the side of the road at the intersection of Burlington Avenue and Boutwell Street. (5:32pm)
  • Police notified DPW of a tree down in the West Intermediate School’s parking lot. (8:55pm)
  • Police notified DPW that damage was done to the grass at the Boutwell Early Childhood Center. It appeared someone did “donuts” on the field. (8:59pm)

Tuesday, June 20:

  • Dennis J. Hession (37, Billerica) was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license (subsequent offense). Hession was pulled over at Main Street and Maple Road. (12:46am)
  • Police was flagged down by a Lyft driver who stated he was supposed to be picking someone up at the MBTA Parking Lot, but there is no one in site.  Driver located an abandoned backpack.  Police checked area and were unable to locate anyone. Nothing in backpack assisted in identifying the owner. (1:29am)
  • Police notified DPW of a fallen tree in the West Intermediate Parking Lot. (3:02am)
  • Luis Guardado (22, Nashua) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, number plate violation, and unregistered motor vehicle. (8:50am)
  • An employee at Bill Dube Hyundai reported finding a number of syringes in a vehicle that was traded in. Police retrieved for proper destruction. (9:12am)
  • Animal Control Officer moved large turtle from Church Street near Post Office. (9:29am)
  • A stopped MBTA train at the North Wilmington station was blocking an ambulance from getting through on Middlesex Avenue. (9:34am)
  • 2 Earles Row callers reported their vehicles were entered overnight.  One caller reported a GPS, cell phone, sun glasses and $30 in cash was stolen. (9:50am)
  • A Horseshoe Lane resident reported his white 2016 Chevy Equinox was stolen in the past two days.  State Police noted the vehicle was run on Route 290 in Worcester last night.  Police entered the missing vehicle information into the appropriate database.  (12:26pm)
  • Police spoke to 15 juveniles on Wild Avenue who were riding their vehicles in and out of traffic. (12:26pm)
  • Police was flagged down by a resident who reported youths were driving around in a golf cart in the Ring Avenue area.  Police spoke with the youths, who put the cart away. (1:13pm)
  • Samantha A. Martin (38, Everett) was arrested on larceny over $250 by a single scheme and 2 counts of receiving stolen property. (3:02pm)
  • A caller reported needles found in the woods at Garden Avenue and Brattle Street. (3:17pm)
  • A passerby reported 3-4 teens were breaking signs at Sonic. Police believe they were attempting to steal the menu from the drive-thru.  Police observed one teen run off, and were unable to locate.  Police spoke to a group of teens in the area, who denied knowing the teen who ran off. (4:50pm)
  • Spray paint was discovered on the back of the old Walgreens building on Main Street. (11:39pm)

Wednesday, June 21:

  • Police confirmed a major water main break at Main Street and Grove Avenue. 38 southbound was flooded.  Police notified DPW and Mass Highway.  DPW was able to shut off the water. Grove Avenue at Lake Avenue was shut down. (12:57am)
  • Police assisted a driver with a motor vehicle lockout at Speedway. (7:14am)
  • A 3-vehicle crash at Main Street and Eames Street was called in by OnStar. Unspecified injuries. All 3 vehicles were towed. (8:33am)
  • Police received report of a truck dumping gravel on the roadway on Salem Street. Police contacted Benevento’s, who had a sweeper clean up the debris in the roadway. (9:49am)
  • Fire Chief reported an inbound train blocking Route 62 at North Wilmington station. (2:18pm)
  • A motorcycle was unable to trip light at Woburn Street and Salem Street. Police notified DPW. (2:42pm)
  • Police responded to a disagreement at Super Feet Relexology on Lowell Street over payment. (8:55pm)
  • Police notified MBTA of trains blocking Route 62 at North Wilmington station. (9:40pm, 10:12pm)

Thursday, June 22:

  • Kayla A. Kinsley (25, Lowell) was issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and speeding in violation of special posted regulations. Kinsley was pulled over on Forest Street. (7:53am)
  • A Marion Street caller reported a rock was thrown threw her son’s car window overnight. (8:02am)
  • A 2-vehicle crash occurred in the fast lane on 93 South, prior to Exit 38. State Police responded. (8:53am)
  • A walk-in party reported the yellow flashing light at Middlesex Avenue and Clark Street was out. Police notified Public Buildings. (9:43am)
  • A Concord Street resident reported a man in a white SUV rung her doorbell and attempted to pull her door handle.  He attempted the same thing to a neighbor. Police responded, but man left the area.  Neighbor said man was a private investigator and showed her a badge. (11:01am)
  • Police told a TruGreen solicitor on Piling Road to obtain the proper permits. (11:26am)
  • Market Basket employee reported a customer just stole $12 of sushi about 10 minutes ago.  Manager has the shoplifter on video. (12:59pm)
  • A King Street resident reported a white sedan appeared to have been following a young child up the street.  Police responded.  Driver was the child’s father. (5:09pm)
  • A Lawrence Street resident reported her son’s bicycle was stolen from their front yard. (8:40pm)

Friday, June 23:

  • Police noted people playing basketball at the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. Group was sent on their way. (1:35am)
  • A caller requested speaking with an officer regarding an ongoing issue with a neighbor taking pictures of his 39-year-old son when he arrives at the house. Police spoke with both parties. (5:23am)
  • Police received call of tree in roadway with wires down on Burnap Street. Fire Department, RMLD and DPW responded. (2:08pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a home on Brand Avenue that was possibly struck by lightning. (2:09pm)
  • Police notified DPW of a tree down in the roadway on Chestnut Street. (2:14pm)
  • Police notified DPW and Fire Department of a tree and wires down on Morse Avenue. (2:31pm)
  • Police notified DPW of a tree down on Ballardvale Avenue. (2:31pm)
  • A Woburn Street resident reported an unknown female put a sign (“Residents against Global”) on her property without permission during the day. She removed the sign on her property. (3:32pm)
  • A Faulkner Avenue resident reported a credit card fraud. (4:05pm)
  • A vehicle wound up off the road on 93 South, near Exit 41. State Police handled scene. A Medflight was called in. (6:29pm)
  • A MBTA train was blocking the roadway of Route 62/Middlesex Avenue in North Wilmington. (9:41pm)
  • Police out with four youths behind Woburn Street School.  Small amount of Class D confiscated. Operator’s mother came to pick up youths. (9:47pm)
  • On a check of Town Hall, police noticed a vehicle in the lot. “Owner was looking for a Pickahcu Party.”  Man was sent on his way. (11:23pm)

Saturday, June 24:

  • Police received a call of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Police responded. Driver was a private investigator. (9:59am)
  • A caller reported a BMW SUV was parked at a stop sign, in the lane of travel, on Cunningham Street with no one in it.   Guest at nearby house moved the vehicle. (12:29pm)
  • Kerry A. O’Brien (43, Saugas) was arrested on an outstanding warrant. (12:47pm)
  • Police came across a man going through trash cans at Target.  Man told police he was looking for recyclables. Man had multiple receipts in hand, possibly with the intent to shoplift.  Police had man dispose of recipients and he was sent on his way. (12:53pm)
  • A caller claimed the man he hired to cut his lawn is intoxicated, pushed him, and is threatening him. Police restored the peace. (4:32pm)
  • A rollover occurred in the fast lane on 93 North, near Exit 39.  Vehicle was on fire. 93 North was shutdown.  Fire Department responded.  State Police handled scene. (5:43pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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