Wilmington POLICE LOG (June 4-June 10)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Sunday, June 4:

  • A Milestone Group Home employee reported two females just walked away from the program.  Police checked the area and were unable to locate.  Employee will come to station to file missing person paperwork. (12:30am)  Reports were entered at 1:50am and 1:52am.
  • A Chestnut Street caller reported an individual with a flashlight getting into a vehicle. Police were unable to locate any individuals in the area. (1:08am)
  • A Burnap Street caller reported a man (approximately 6′ tall wearing a black hoodie) just tried to enter his residence.  Police responded and stopped a man matching the description in front of St. Dorothy’s.  Man was not involved.  Police were unable to locate the man in question on foot or in a vehicle. (1:10am)
  • A Dorchester Street caller reported receiving a possible scam call.  A recording asked the caller if he could hear them.  When caller responded ‘OK,’ the phone conversation ended. (10:50am)
  • Police notified Comcast of a low hanging wire (dead cable line) on Fairview Avenue. (1:13pm)
  • A black 2010 Toyota Tacoma and a blue 2012 Honda Civic were involved in a crash at the Shawsheen Elementary School.  Airbags deployed. All refused medical attention. (2:07pm)
  • A caller reported a water cover was sticking up in the roadway on Salem Street. Police notified the Water Department. (3:15pm)
  • A caller found a pocket knife at the Rotary Park playground.  Knife was brought to the station desk. (4:17pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a gas stove fire on Apache Way. (8:18pm)
  • A Ford truck rolled over on the 93 South Exit 40 ramp. No injuries.  MassDOT was notified. Ramp was shut down for approximately 5 minutes to flip truck. (8:23pm)
  • A manager at K1 Speed notified police of customers who threatened an employee before leaving and are now in the parking lot.  Police responded.  Customers had a disagreement with staff over service and rules. Parties were sent on their way. (9:19pm)

Monday, June 5:

  • Police notified Public Buildings that a red light signal at the Woburn Street and Concord Street is out. (6:37am)
  • Police issued 11 violations to drivers to blocking crosswalks. (8:29am-11:27am)
  • Police issued 5 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (1:20pm)
  • A caller reported his neighbor threatened to let his aggressive dog lose on him as they walked past each other. (3:28pm)
  • A caller reported items missing from her residence. (6:07pm)
  • Police responded to a verbal argument between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Police advised parties of all their 209A rights. (8:22pm)
  • A walk-in party reported she lost her wallet at Market Basket. (10:41pm)

Tuesday, June 6:

  • A low hanging branch was hanging over both travel lanes on Salem Street. The branch was low enough that vehicles were hitting it as they pass by. Police notified Tree Department for immediate response. (2:47am)
  • Police assisted with a motor vehicle lockout with kids in the car. (9:06am)
  • A resident reported their son was approached while walking home on Federal Street by an unknown male in green pick-up truck yesterday at approximately 2:30pm.  Party in the vehicle asked if he wanted a ride home. He declined. (11:09am)
  • Police issued 11 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (12:34pm)
  • A Kenwood Avenue caller reported a large tree fell in her yard and may have caused damage to her residence.  Caller reported a second tree fell and struck her neighbor’s back porch. Police and Fire Department responded. Police noted minor roof damage, but does not appear to have structural damage. (2:14pm)
  • Jacquelyn DeJesus (33, Wilmington) was arrested for prostitution (“sexual conduct for a fee”).  (8:01pm)

Wednesday, June 7:

  • Police notified Verizon of a low hanging wire on Andover Street. (1:30am)
  • Police received report of a vehicle attempting to pass a school bus and struck a curb. The vehicle now has a flat tire and is in the parking lot at Avalon. Police responded. Operator was advised of license status and civil violation. Police noted criminal charges may be fired after a review of the school bus video. (7:55am)
  • Fire Department responded to a 4-vehicle crash on 93 South. State Police handled the scene. (9:50am)
  • A walk-in party reported her purse was stolen while at Simards. (11:51am)
  • Board of Health took a report of someone possibly living in a motorhome in the 99’s parking lot.  Police spoke with owner, who says they have permission, and will contact the Board of Health. (12:02pm)
  • A walk-in party, Caroline Teresa Thompson (36, Wilmington) was arrested on a warrant. (12:04pm)
  • Police told that solicitors from Renewal by Anderson were in the Lake Street/Route 129 area. (3:23pm)
  • Police responded to report of possible drug activity at the Skate Park.  Police spoke with multiple juveniles and parents in the area.  They all stated they saw no one smoking. (5:05pm)
  • Police responded to report of ATVs in paths behind Town Hall.  Police were unable to locate. (8:06pm)
  • A Heather Drive caller reported a bat was in her home. Police gave her the number of two outside agencies that could help. (10:22pm)

Thursday, June 8:

  • A walk-in party reported the rear window in his vehicle was broken sometime overnight on Chestnut Street.  He believes a rock was thrown through it. (5:54am)
  • Police notified Fire Department and RMLD of a branch on a wire causing sparking on Hopkins Street. (12:42pm)
  • Police issued 3 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (1:07pm)
  • 6 citations were issued for unregistered dogs. (2:57pm)
  • Police notified DPW of old graffiti that needs to be removed at the Shawsheen Skate Park.  Police also had a vehicle moved that was parked on the grass. (7:47pm)
  • A 2-vehicle crash occurred at Garden Avenue and King Street. Airbags deployed. One of the vehicles rolled over and the driver was entrapped.  Driver was conscious and able to smile.  No update on injuries. Both vehicles towed. Garden Avenue street sign was knocked over.  DPW notified. (8:26pm)
  • On a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility, police noted the basketball area was littered with bottles. (10:59pm)

Friday, June 9:

  • Valerie Belding (22, Wilmington) was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license and no or expired inspection sticker. (12:53am)
  • Michael Canty (23, Billerica) was arrested on an outstanding warrant. (12:53am)
  • 2 vehicles were entered overnight on Andover Street. Vehicles were gone through and change was taken. (6:14am)
  • Police responded to a disturbance between two customers at Starbucks. Peace restored. (8:48am)
  • An Andover Street caller reported her father’s car was entered overnight. Not appeared missing, but things were moved around. (9:27am)
  • A white 2016 Toyota Camry struck a pedestrian at Main Street and Clark Street. Pedestrian was not injured. (11:32am)
  • Employee of a Main Street business reported a white male, approximately 40, wearing a grey t-shirt, was pulling on handles of unattended vehicles in a parking lot. (2:12pm)
  • Joseph E. Wheaton (48, Wilmington) was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Wheaton was also issued a citation for speed, no seat belt, and no license in possession. (3:10pm)
  • A caller reported her daughter was approached by a silver sedan occupied by 2 females on Lawrence Street.  The driver motioned for her to come to the vehicle. Daughter ran home and told her parent. (3:12pm)
  • A passerby move a turtle out of the street on Wildwood Street.  Turtle was causing traffic issues. (5:20pm)
  • A Pond Street caller reported parties are hitting golf balls on boats on the water. Police spoke with resident and behavior will cease. (8:29pm)

Saturday, June 10:

  • Police conducted a check of Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. Basketball court was ‘loaded’ with empty bottles. DPW contacted. (12:50am)
  • Police gave a written warning for a red light violation for driver of a Market Basket truck on Mystic Avenue. (2:56am)
  • Police notified MBTA of large pot hole near tracks at Main Street and Milton Way. (9:19am)
  • 2-vehicle crash occurred at Route 129 and 93 North 38 entrance.  No injuries. One driver was given a citation for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. (12:00pm)
  • Police were out with a vehicle circling the neighborhood on Leonard Lane.  Vehicle pulled into three separate driveways. Driver was a lost Uber driver. Situation checked OK. (10:06pm)
  • Police conducted a check of the foot path behind Ristuccia Arena. Path was clear, but police noted signs of a past gathering and clothes hanging from a tree. (10:40pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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