Wilmington POLICE LOG (May 28-June 3)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Sunday, May 28:

  • Wilmington Police assisted North Reading Police with search of a man who appeared to be disoriented in a backyard in North Reading.  Man claimed his wife had been killed.  Man was white, 5’8″, bald, late 40’s, wearing a red sweatshirt and brown or blue pants. Wilmington Police checked Salem Street and Benevento’s and did not locate the man. (1:27am)
  • An Andover Street resident reported finding his vehicle’s doors open this morning and his car gone through. A 2nd resident called to report their call was also gone through.  Nothing was taken from either vehicle. (9:19am)
  • A mother reported her young daughters were home alone and believe they hear someone in the basement. Police responded and house checked secured. (3:27pm)
  • A Grove Avenue caller reported finding a bunny with an injured back leg.  Police provided phone numbers to private wildlife control companies. (7:57pm)
  • A white 2014 Ford Focus struck a deer at Roosevelt Road and Boutwell Street. Deer was able to run into the woods. (9:44pm)
  • An anonymous caller reported hearing gun shots in the Roosevelt Road area. Police responded and found nothing suspicious. (10:24pm)

Monday, May 29:

  • An employee at CareOne on Woburn Street reported cars parked in the back of the lot.  Occupants appeared to be partying.  Police responded and sent vehicles on their way. (12:34am)
  • Police came upon 2 juveniles walking near Meineke on Main Street. Police dropped the juveniles off at their home in Burlington and spoke with their mother. (1:14am)
  • Police noted a mailbox was knocked over on Roberts Road. (2:04am)
  • An Avalon Drive resident found a ferret on his porch.  A message was left for the Animal Control Officer. (9:50am)
  • A caller reported two children (approximately 8-10 years old) was in front of Savers using expletive language and physically pushed a woman walking out of the store. Police responded.  Police spoke with grandmother who thought the kids were in the back of the store in the toy section, but they had wandered outside. (11:38am)
  • A Dorchester Street caller reported receiving a scam phone call regarding federal grants. No personal info given. (12:23pm)
  • John Newman (20, Woburn) was arrested for shoplifting by asportation. A Target employee reported a shoplifting in progress.  Newman was also trespassed from the store. (2:36pm)

Tuesday, May 30:

  • Police followed Bus 11 on Salem Street. No infractions noted. (7:23am)
  • A silver 2014 Ford F-150, a red 2007 Ford Focus, and a blue 2009 Nissan Versa were involved in a crash in front of Simard’s on Main Street. The F-150 rear-ended the Focus, causing a chain reaction. Fire Department transported one with an unspecified injury. (7:53am)
  • Police assisted with a motor vehicle lockout with a dog in the vehicle at Little Sprouts Daycare. (9:25am)
  • A gray 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, a white 2016 Nissan NV2 and a a brown 2013 Honda CRV were involved in a crash on Church Street. Fire Department transported one to Lahey Clinic.  One vehicle was towed. (10:35am)
  • Police conducted safety drills at the Boutwell Early Childhood Center (12:11pm) and the Wildwood Early Childhood Center (1:20pm).
  • Police issued a citation to a vehicle owner for allowing it to be driven by an unlicensed driver. (2:06pm)
  • A walk-in party reported unauthorized charges on his credit card. (4:12pm)
  • Police assisted Fire Department with a chimney fire on Lawrence Street. (7:56pm)
  • Police conducted a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility and asked group using basketball court to pick up their litter. (9:31pm)

Wednesday, May 31:

  • Police notified DPW of a fallen traffic sign at Main Street and Richmond Street. (12:48am)
  • Police installed 4 car seats during their weekly drop-in hours. (11:11am)
  • Police assisted a business owner with tracking down a resident who placed items into the business’s dumpster with permission. Resident retrieved items from the dumpster. (11:56am)
  • Police issued 4 parking citations in the MBTA parking lot on Main Street. (1:11pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a resident who was electrocuted on Towpath Drive. (3:18pm)
  • A Cottage Street resident reported his trash barrels were stolen. (4:50pm)
  • Police assisted Reading Municipal Light Department with power outages due to a blown transformer on Shawsheen Avenue. (9:39pm)

Thursday, June 1:

  • Police followed Bus #14 to Wilmington Middle School. No violations witnessed. (6:44am)
  • Police followed Bus #16 on Woburn Street. No violations witnessed. (7:36am)
  • Police issued two citations for failure to stop for a school bus on Salem Street (7:49am) and Woburn Street (8:00am).
  • A Burlington Avenue caller reported someone smashed his back slider door overnight. (8:10am)
  • Police followed Bus #8 on Chestnut Street. No violations issued. (8:16am)
  • Animal Control Officer retrieved a lone duckling from Jacquith Road and brought to a facility in Essex. (10:36am)
  • Police provided an escort to Wilmington High School students in school buses visiting some of the lower schools. (10:40am)
  • Animal Control Officer freed a squirrel stuck in a flower trellis on Williams Avenue. (11:18am)
  • Theodore J. Bakacs (59, Winthrop) was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  (11:45am)
  • Thomas Fahey (46, Billerica) was arrested on an OUI.  A 99 employee noted he appeared intoxicated in their parking lot and tried to enter other vehicles before entering his own.  Police stopped him on Main Street. (12:30pm)
  • A caller reported his daughter was almost struck by a vehicle that did not stop for a school bus on Faulkner Avenue.  Police spoke with the driver, who claimed she did stop and said the school bus didn’t put on the stop sign out fast enough. (2:53pm)
  • An Action Ambulance employee believed construction next door may have disrupted a bees nest.  There are hundreds of bees on the vehicles outside the building. Animal Control Officer was advised to let the bees be and they will leave. (2:57pm)
  • Police received report of kids running around Town Hall, with one possibly on the roof.  Police responded and were unable to locate. (4:29pm)
  • A bicycle was reported stolen from the MBTA parking lot on Main Street sometime today. (6:29pm)

Friday, June 2:

  • Police followed School Bus #12 on Main Street. No violations witnessed. (6:22am)
  • Police followed School Bus #19 on Woburn Street. No violations witnessed.  Police spoke to bus driver to advise her the stop arm is not working. She will have the mechanic fix it ASAP. (7:24am)
  • An employee at Jimmy’s Garage on Main Street located two loose pitbulls. Animal Control Owner responded. Owner from Woburn retrieved dogs. (12:04pm)
  • A caller reported a large cement urn from a plot on Laurel Avenue in the Wildwood Cemetery. (1:22pm)
  • Police issued a citation to a vehicle on Main Street for failure to stop for a school bus and failure to stop pedestrians in a crosswalk. (2:07pm)
  • A Cunningham Street caller requested extra patrols due to speeding in the area. (5:05pm)
  • A caller reported a tree limb in the roadway on Houghton Road.  Police contacted DPW and noted a tree fell on a generator. (9:18pm)
  • A walk-in party reported his vinyl records were thrown out by his sister. (9:35pm)

Saturday, June 3:

  • Eric T. McManus (24, Melrose) was issued a summons for having an uninsured motor vehicle and an unregistered motor vehicle. (1:53am)
  • During a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility, police advised two individuals with dogs who left the property. (9:26am)
  • Dircineia Pereira Souza (34, Woburn) was issued a summons for the unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop/yield and failure to yield at an intersection. (11:56am)
  • A caller reported he believes he saw a man laying down on the ground in the woods behind Charlie’s Autobody on Main Street.  The caller’s mother then called the station and stated she feared the man was having an overdose.  Police responded and canceled the Fire Department response.  Man was not in need of medical attention, but police did have a family member come and pick him up. (4:12pm)
  • Police received a call about 3 vehicles parked at the corner of Appletree Lane and Chestnut Street.  Caller was walking his dog.  He saw two men get on the vehicle and walk towards Chestnut Street.  When the two men saw him, they got back into their vehicle and waited for him to pass before getting out of the vehicles again.  Caller felt it was suspicious.  Police responded and nothing out of the ordinary aside from a house party. (11:05pm)
  • A customer at the Burger King drive-thru reported a man in a dark SUV was possibly intoxicated and acting up in the parking lot.  Police responded, but SUV was already gone. (11:21pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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