Wilmington POLICE LOG (May 21-May 27)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Sunday, May 21:

  • Police assisted the Fire Department with smoldering mulch at the Shell Gas Station on Main Street. (5:45am)
  • Police received complaints of excess amounts of trash in the restrooms and on the property at the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. Police notified DPW. (9:42am)
  • Police issued 19 parking tickets to vehicles parked in restricted areas and fire lanes at the high school.  An announcement was previously made to have all improperly parked vehicles moved. (1:09pm+)
  • A caller reported that while digging in her backyard, she discovered a small metal box with white power inside. Caller felt it was suspicious. (3:33pm)
  • A white 2015 Ford Escape and a brown 2000 Honda Civic were involved in a crash at the 93 North Exit 40 ramp.  Both vehicles were towed. No injuries noted. (4:03pm)

Monday, May 22:

  • On a patrol of Town Hall, police noticed that two parties took off into the woods.  Police were unable to locate the 2 parties who ran.  No vandalism. (12:30am)
  • Police received an abandoned 911 call.  Upon callback, woman stated that cat jumped on the phone and accidentally dialed 911.  Police responded.  Situation checked OK. (1:57am)
  • A gray 2011 Honda CRV and a green 2006 Chevy Malibu were involved in a crash at Middlesex Avenue and High Street. No injuries noted. (12:11pm)
  • A black 2007 Nissan Altima and a gray 2006 Ford Escape were involved in a crash at Woburn Street and Salem Street. No injuries noted. (2:48pm)
  • A gray 2004 Honda Accord and a black 2008 Toyota Corolla were involved in a crash at Lowell Street and Parker Street. One vehicle towed. (3:00pm)
  • Police issued a citation to the driver of a brown 2010 Honda CRV for “causing gridlock.” (4:52pm)

Tuesday, May 23:

  • A gray 2013 Chrysler SE 200 and a gray 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee were involved in a crash on Main Street.  A vehicle struck a stone wall and damaged the lawn at Webber Terrace. One vehicle was towed. No injuries noted. (10:31am)
  • A caller from Express Movers on Waltham Street reported credit card theft. (12:14pm)
  • Shayla L. Pavone (21, Tewksbury) was issued a summons for larceny over $250 by a single scheme.  The alleged larceny took place at Heavnly Donuts on Main Street. (12:40pm)
  • Animal Control Officer and DPW rescued ducklings that fell down a catch basin on Lowell Street. (2:30pm)
  • A walk-in party reported her child’s hearing implant was lost or possibly stolen at the Wilmington Middle School. (5:09pm)
  • A Lawrence Street caller reported a family of coyotes has been living in her backyard.  The coyotes don’t appear sick or injured. (5:43pm)

Wednesday, May 24:

  • A caller reported her Temporary Registration Plate was taken off her vehicle sometime overnight while parked in the Federal Express parking lot on Ballardvale Street. A caller will check with security in the morning to view the tapes and will call back if necessary.  The caller wanted the incident logged. (1:06am)
  • A Blueberry Lane caller reported his unlocked vehicle was entered last night.  Glove box was emptied out and a cup of change with $20 in quarters was taken. (5:15am)
  • Police identified 20 additional vehicles that were entered overnight on Blueberry Lane and Ashwood Avenue. (6:02am)
  • Animal Control Officer received report of a deer running in and out of traffic at Clark Street and Middlesex Avenue.  Officer was unable to locate. (7:37am)
  • Police notified DPW that the speed limit sign at Shawsheen Avenue and Nichols Street was missing. (8:41am)
  • An employee at Office Paper Recovery Systems on Andover Street reported his truck was broken into overnight and a GPS was stolen. (9:23am)
  • A Blueberry Lane resident reported to an off-duty vehicle that their vehicle was stolen from their residence.  Key was left in the vehicle.  A BOLO was put out and the missing vehicle was entered in NCIC. (9:37am)
  • A vehicle struck a pole at Main Street and Butters Row.  Wires went down into the roadway. Police notified RMLD and Verizon.  The pole fell onto a parked car in a driveway, causing major damage.   Mailbox, house’s siding, and service wires were also damaged.  Fire Department transported two.  Road was temporary shut down for cleanup. (3:35pm)
  • Police requested extra patrols off ATVs illegally driving on old golf course on Chestnut Street. (4:01pm)
  • A DPW employee was flagged down regarding an unattended young child playing at the Town Beach playground.  Police responded and spoke with the 6-year-old boy.   No parents were around.  Police notified DCF.  Police later found father fishing on the pier. He claimed he did not realize anyone was looking for him. (4:59pm)
  • 3 vehicles were involved in a crash on Woburn Street.  All 3 vehicles towed. (5:16pm)
  • Police conducted a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. Police advised several parties in the basketball court to collect their drink bottles and litter prior to leaving.  Police also noted an abundance of litter in the parking lot. (7:32pm)

Thursday, May 25:

  • Justin F. Schuurman (27, Woburn) was arrested on an outstanding warrant at Cumberland Farm Gas Station on Main Street. (1:37am)
  • A Mill Road caller reported a syringe on the sidewalk. Police retrieved item for proper disposal. (6:30am)
  • Police shadowed School Bus #11 throughout its route.  No infractions observed. (7:20am)
  • A gray 2017 Honda CRV struck a pole on Faulkner Avenue. No injuries noted. Vehicle towed. Verizon notified. (10:29am)
  • Maintenance worker reported a unit at Deming Way was entered and a box of locks were taken. (11:25am)
  • Police issued 5 parking citations at the MBTA parking lot on Main Street. (1:51pm)
  • A caller reported the Jonspin Road street sign was struck and is laying on the ground. Police notified DPW. (5:16pm)
  • Michael’s Place owner reported building was vandalized with black spray paint. (6:01pm)
  • A male party repeatedly called 911 after his debit card got stuck in the Citizens Bank ATM.  Police told him to check back with the bank tomorrow morning. (8:19pm)

Friday, May 26:

  • A walk-in party reported 3 unlocked vehicles on Fosterspond Road were entered between 1am and 7am. $60 and loose change was taken. (8:14am)
  • A gray 2012 Honda Odyssey went over the curb and struck a post at The Corner Store on Shawsheen Avenue. No injuries noted. (8:21am)
  • A caller stated that 10 minutes ago, while running on Salem Street, a large black dog came out of a house and ran after him.  Dog was called back to the house by a younger female.  Dog did not have a collar or leash on.  Animal Control Officer to follow up. (1:09pm)
  • Tewksbury Police requested a check of the Wilmington Center train station for a missing mental health patient.  No one matching the description was present. (6:17pm)
  • A Panera Bread manager reported a possible larceny. (6:58pm)
  • A walk-in party reported her son was being harassed via text message by another juvenile. (7:59pm)
  • Police responded to potential suspicious activity with a vehicle parked behind the West Intermediate School.  Police placed two male parties into protective custody — John Estell (45, Burlington) and Brandon Chounard (19, Wilmington).  Vehicle was towed. (9:31pm)
  • A Salem Street resident reported his house was shot twice by a paintball gun. (10:06pm)

Saturday, May 27:

  • A walk-in party reported that he was advised by National Grid that his social security number was used to open an account that did not belong to him. (9:17am)
  • Police assisted with Honor Guard for Memorial Day weekend ceremonies. (9:35am)
  • An employee at Z&S Gas Station reported they forgot to attach an inspection sticker to a vehicle they just inspected. Police notified vehicle’s owner, who will respond back to gas station. (9:52am)
  • A vehicle reportedly struck a mailbox and damaged a lawn on Boutwell Street around 12:30am this morning. (10:08am)
  • A Cushing Drive caller reported her neighbor’s children were throwing water balloons at her vehicle.  She tried to speak with the mother, but she would not come to the door.  Caller didn’t want police to respond, just wanted the incident logged. (10:10am)
  • A Muse Avenue caller reported 4 baby foxes were living under her shed. (1:16pm)
  • A caller reported juveniles were smoking marijuana at the skate park.  Police responded and determined the claim was unfounded. (1:57pm0
  • Joseph M. Flynn (32, Woburn) was arrested for possession of a Class A drug. Kristina Rose Farrell (27, Wilmington) was arrested for knowingly “being present where heroin is kept.” Police were called after an employee in an unspecified Horseshoe Lane business suspected drug activity in a restroom. (4:00pm)
  • A tree branch fell onto a vehicle in a driveway on Burlington Avenue. (11:21pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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