Wilmington POLICE LOG (May 14-May 20)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, May 14, 2017.

Sunday, May 14:

  • Police assisted with a motor vehicle lockout on Main Street. (11:46am)
  • Police assisted with removing an unwanted guest from a home on Olson Street. Police gave guest a ride to the police station to make arrangements. (2:53pm)
  • A passerby reported a grey Mercedes repeatedly passing by, throwing objects at a house on Chestnut Street. Police were unable to locate the vehicle. (4:00pm)
  • An Avalon Oaks caller reported underage people were smoking marijuana in the apartment below her. Police responded. There were no underage people in the apartment. The apartment’s owner was advised not to smoke on the property. (7:05pm)
  • A Shawsheen Avenue caller reported a water main break. Police notified the Water Department. (8:35pm)

Monday, May 15:

  • 2 vehicles were involved in a crash in front of Sonic on Main Street. Air bags deployed. Unspecified injuries reported. Both vehicles were towed. Fire Department shut down all northbound lanes temporarily. (7:37am)
  • Police checked on a report of damage to boards on the Butters Row Bridge. Police confirmed some of the boards were exposed.  Police contacted DPW and the MBTA, who will send someone out to check on the situation. (9:10am)
  • A walk-in party reported locating 20 rounds for a 35-caliber Remington. (11:40am)
  • Police notified DPW that there is a hole in the middle ramp in the middle row of the Shawsheen Skate Park that needs to be repaired. (4:58pm)
  • A Nichols Street caller reported a vehicle hit his trash barrels while he was at work causing damage. (5:17pm)
  • Niall G. Vallega (25, Beverly) was issued a summons for assault.  A caller reported a black Jeep Liberty sped out of the Burger King parking lot towards Reading while being chased by a white male.  Police responded.  A woman claimed she was assaulted at Burger King about 15 minutes ago. (8:08pm)

Tuesday, May 16:

  • Police retrieved hypodermic needles on Cleveland Avenue for disposal. (8:50am)
  • A caller reported a dog fight with one party injured in or near the Town Dog Park. A man had the tip of his finger bitten off.  Fire Department and Animal Control Officer also responded. The dog, from Woburn, was issued a 10-day quarantine. (11:50am)
  • Police issued 7 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (12:27pm)
  • Joseph Flynn (32, Woburn) was taken into protective custody after found walking on the train tracks near Jiffy Lube on Main Street. (12:28pm)
  • Animal Control Officer responded to a call regarding an injured duck, with ducklings, in a yard on Chestnut Street. (1:19pm)
  • A Floradale Avenue caller reported she had a family of squirrels living in the walls. Animal Control Officer provided homeowner with several pest control companies to call. (3:44pm)
  • A walk-in party reported her vehicle was hit in the parking lot at Elia’s. (7:01pm)
  • A caller reported her grey huffy bike was stolen from the MBTA parking lot today. (7:30pm)

Wednesday, May 17:

  • Police noticed a decoy coyote was missing from the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. (12:54am)
  • A black 2011 Kia Forte and a red 2012 Toyota Tacoma were involved in a crash at Market Basket. One vehicle towed. Fire Department transported one individual to Lahey. (9:35am)
  • Police conducted extra enforcement on Eames Street, Middlesex Avenue, and Glen Road throughout the morning, resulting in many warnings and citations.
  • Police received a report of an ex-employee banging on windows, trying to enter Beralcast on Jonspin Road.  Police responded. No damage or threats made. Police provided a copy of the no trespass order for the ex-employee. (11:57am)
  • A caller reported a tire on his white 2013 BMW was slashed in the Woodbriar Nursing Home parking lot between 3pm and 11pm yesterday. (12:16pm)
  • Scott D. Dacko (27, Wilmington) was arrested on a warrant of apprehension while at the Dog Park.  He was transported to Woburn District Court. (1:09pm)
  • Animal Control Officer captured a feral cat at Deming Way and transported to Lowell Humane Society for evaluation. (2:53pm)
  • Billerica Police reported a mini van traveling at high right of speed last seen on (their) Andover Street, possibly heading towards Wilmington. Van may have clipped other vehicles’ mirrors. Police were unable to locate. (10:45pm)

Thursday, May 18:

  • John M. Giuggio (19, Tewksbury) was arrested for OUI Liquor, Possession of Open Container Of Alcohol In Motor Vehicle, Person Under 21 Possessing Liquor, and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Police arrested Guiggio after being notified of a disorderly customer in the Cumberland Farm Gas Station on Main Street. (1:33am)
  • A walk-in party reported his juvenile son was missing.  Police attempted to have the cell phone pinged. [Editor’s Note: No further information provided]. (9:45am)
  • Police conducted a juvenile arrest on a 17-year-old who had a warrant of apprehension out.  Arrest was made in or near Golden Ginger in the Wilmington Crossings plaza. (12:02pm)
  • A manager from Market Basket reported a past larceny.  A woman stole approximately $30 worth of merchandise. (2:40pm)
  • Animal Control Officer picked up an orphaned raccoon on River Street and brought it to Wilmington Wild Things. (2:45pm)
  • A caller reported an elderly man sitting on the guard rail of the 93 Overpass above Route 62.  Police responded. Situation checked OK. (2:49pm)
  • A juvenile was arrested for OUI Liquor, Minor In Possession, Speeding Greater Than Reasonable. Juvenile was involved in a 2-vehicle crash at Glen Road and Main Street. A portion of Glen Road at Harnden Street was blocked off.  Property damage was done to 80 Main Street. Fire Department received refusals. Juvenile was eventually bailed out and released to his mother. (3:44pm)
  • Library was evacuated due to an odor coming from the furnace room.  Fire Department responded. (6:00pm)
  • A female caller claimed she was struck by an unknown male party while walking track at Yentile Farm.  Police located the man and sent him on his way. (7:08pm)

Friday, May 19:

  • Residents reported hearing loud bangs in the Ballardvale Street and Research Drive area.  Police investigated.  Police spoke with Proctor and Gamble security who reports they have a bird repellent system on the rooftop, but it has a very low sound. Police unable to hear anything loud or unusual. (2:45am)
  • A Shawsheen Avenue resident reported a water main break in front of her house.  Police notified the Water Department. (5:43am)
  • A Shady Lane Drive caller requested extra traffic enforcement in the area around 7:10am each morning due to vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed towards Lawrence Street. (7:22am)
  • A caller reported while at the Yentile Farm playground yesterday around 11am, her young son developed blisters on his hands after using the slide.  Police spoke with a Recreation Department staff member to make them aware. (9:50am) [Editor’s Note: The mother posted a photo of her son on Facebook that went viral. View it HERE.]
  • A Horseshoe Lane caller reported a possible attempted break in through her apartment window. (7:34pm)
  • Police did a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility and found two juveniles waiting for rides.  Juveniles were eventually picked up. (10:04pm)
  • Police received report of a possible underage drinking party on Lowell Street. Police responded.  6-7 parties were present and all were of age.  Police asked them to keep the noise down and knock the fire down. (11:50pm)

Saturday, May 20:

  • Police conducted a check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility and found bottles and coffee cups along the fence line and bottles in the basketball area. (6:20am)
  • Wilmington Firefighters responded to a house fire on Audobon Road in North Reading.  (9:37am)  [Editor’s Note: The home was completely destroyed. No one was injured. Two dogs who were locked in the home were rescued.]
  • An Edwards Road caller reported he was approached by a man soliciting for ADT Home Security.  Police will attempt to make contact with the man. (12:22pm)
  • An elderly male was walking on Main Street and appeared confused.  Police responded. Man had fallen asleep on the train and got off at the wrong stop.  Man checked OK.  Police gave him a ride. (12:36pm)
  • Police conducted another check of the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. Excessive trash and debris was found in the basketball court, grass, and men’s room.  Police notified DPW. (2:52pm)
  • A Dorothy Avenue resident reported a pamphlet containing offensive material was thrown into his driveway. (4:08pm)
  • Police received report of a possibly intoxicated man walking the middle of Clark Street. Police responded, but were unable to locate. (11:34pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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