Wilmington POLICE LOG (Week of April 30, 2017)

WILMINGTON, MA  — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for the week of Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Sunday, April 30:

  • Police received report of illegal dumping of furniture into the dumpster at the Boutwell Early Childhood Center. (12:50am)
  • A Lawrence Street caller reported her mailbox was damaged overnight. (5:24am)
  • A Salem Street caller requested extra patrols due to excessive speeding in the area. (1:50pm)
  • A caller stated his debit card was used at the Bank of America ATM in the Lucci’s Parking Lot about an hour ago by someone else. (3:19pm)
  • A walk-in party received a call on his cell phone from an unknown man saying he was coming to see him and kill the dog. Man was accusing him of going out with his ex-wife. (3:58pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a brush fire at Parker Street and Adams Street. (4:49pm)
  • Police assisted a driver with a motor vehicle lockout in the Market Basket parking lot. (10:02pm)

Monday, May 1:

  • A caller reported her service dog got loose a couple of hours ago. Dog eventually returned home after call. (12:25am)
  • Wildwood School staff asked police for assistance for parent who is having difficulty with special needs child safely to school.  Police safely escorted parent and child into lot. (8:31am)
  • Police checked on a sealcoating truck on Lucaya Circle due to ongoing scams in area. Situation checked OK. (12:02pm)
  • An anonymous caller reported youths gathered near a residence on Gandalf Way, as well as increased vehicle traffic stopping at the home. Caller concerned about possible drug activity. (12:20pm)
  • Police removed a deceased groundhog on West Street. (2:02pm)
  • Resident reported ATVs and dirtbikes being operated on conservation land off of Burlington Avenue.  Police spoke with parties, who agreed to cease behavior. (2:06pm)
  • Police issued 4 parking citations in the MBTA parking lot on Main Street. (2:25pm)
  • A caller reported their wallet was stolen while at Savers on Main Street. (2:28pm)
  • Police issued 5 speeding tickets on Butters Row. (4:39pm+)
  • A caller on Christine Drive reported a group of juveniles were having a bon fire in the woods behind her house. Juveniles were spoken to and returned home. (5:15pm)
  • Fire Department responded to multi-car crash on Route 93 South.  Wilmington Police assisted with traffic control. (9:06pm)
  • A witness reported seeing a vehicle rear-end a tractor trailer and spin out of control, causing the accident.  The tractor trailer unit continued on. Police passed the information on to the State Police. (8:55pm)
  • A walk-in party reported selling a car to a man and, 12 days later, the man and his brother confronted her about the condition of the vehicle. Caller felt uncomfortable and wanted the situation logged. (10:45pm)

Tuesday, May 2:

  • An employee at K&M Cleaners on Middlesex Avenue reported a bag of needles and some loose needles on the ground behind the building. Police retrieved for proper disposal. (7:47am)
  • Animal Control Officer checked an attic after a homeowner complained of possible squirrels in the house. No signs of squirrels. (9:12am)
  • A blue 2008 Honda CRV struck a minivan bus at Middlesex Avenue and High Street. No students were on board. Honda driver was issued a citation for failure to use care in stopping. (9:34am)
  • Police spoke with man who was walking on the train tracks towards Glen Road crossing. (11:38am)
  • A Walker Street caller reported what appears to be a large smear of blood on his garage door. Police responded. Smear appears to be animal related. Feathers were found on the ground. (12:48pm)
  • A Chase Road resident reported his dog and his neighbor’s dog have gotten into a fight and his dog may have killed the other dog. Animal Control Office responded. (4:53pm)
  • A Beech Street resident reported two dirt bikes in the woods.  Police spoke with juvenile operators and their parents.  Advised not to ride them in the roadway, other people’s private property, or town-owned land. (5:42pm)
  • A Morse Avenue walk-in reported construction equipment was left on the road blocking her garage. (6:13pm) Police advised company not to leave equipment on public ways obstructing neighbors. (6:45pm)
  • Andrew C. Camillieri (22, Wilmington) was arrested on an outstanding warrant. (9:03pm)

Wednesday, May 3:

  • Postmaster reported an angry customer in the lobby of the Post Office. Police responded and dispute was settled. (9:05am)
  • Chad Audette (44, Dracut) was arrested on three outstanding warrants. Audette was driving a moped on Aldrich Road when police stooped him. (10:35am)
  • The Town Treasurer’s Office reported receiving harassing phone calls. (11:14am)
  • Police assisted with the Safe Prom Mock Car Crash at the high school. (12:55pm)
  • A caller reported two sizable sections of a wheelchair ramp on Church Street was stolen sometime between now and Monday morning. (2:19pm)
  • A Fiorenza Drive caller reported a deceased robin on her front steps. Animal Control Officer retrieved the bird. (2:31pm)
  • Police issued 5 parking citations in the MBTA Parking Lot on Main Street. (2:47pm)
  • A caller reported a man was walking on the train tracks towards Glen Road from Main Street. Police located the man and advised him not to walk on the tracks. (4:58pm)

Thursday, May 4:

  • A resident called to report a coyote followed him and his dog while out walking on Marcia Road. The dog chased the coyote, but the caller does not believe the dog was bitten. Caller is concerned coyote may be rabid. (5:41am)
  • Textron security reported an abandoned car in their parking lot next to its tennis courts on Lowell Street for the past several days. Police responded. Note on car said it has broken down. Police was able to get in touch with the owner. (10:24am)
  • Joseph H. Pineau (19, Wilmington) was arrested for Assault & Battery on a Household Member. (12:36pm)
  • A caller reported a male party in an older model brown car was drinking beer next the Shawsheen Elementary School. Police were unable to locate. (4:43pm)
  • Street sign on Railroad Terrace was reported missing. Police notified DPW. (11:35pm)

Friday, May 5:

  • A caller reported her vehicle was struck on Salem Street by a white vehicle that did not stop. Police responded and noted damage to the driver’s side mirror. (8:19am)
  • Police observed a vacant home on Glen Road with many of its windows open.  Upon further inspection, police noted much of the house’s copper had been stripped. Police tracked down owner and asked him to take steps to further secure the home. (9:58am)
  • An Ella Avenue caller reported an unknown dark blue vehicle driving in the area. Police responded. Driver was a social worker for Minuteman Social Services. (10:21am)
  • Police responded to a parking complaint on Fiorenza Drive where two vehicles could not get by due to cars parked on the side of the road.  Vehicles were moved as kids headed to their prom. (4:03pm)
  • Police assisted with traffic control at the High School due to the promenade. (4:35pm)
  • A blue 2010 Toyota Camry, a red 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer and a gray 2003 BMW were involved in a 3-vehicle crash on Woburn Street. One of the drivers may have suffered a seizure.  Police towed all three vehicles. (5:34pm)
  • A caller near Mail and More on Main Street reported his vehicle was struck by a dark pick up truck that took off down Butters Row. (5:55pm)
  • Burlington Police arrested a man involved in alleged kidnapping in Wilmington. [Editor’s Note: No further information.] (7:06pm)

Saturday, May 6:

  • Tewksbury Police requested assistance locating a missing teen girl who did not return home from the Shawsheen Tech yesterday.  Officer came across a friend who was texting back and forth with her, stating she was possibly heading to the Wilmington Memorial Library. Tewksbury Police called back to report she found outside the Tewksbury Public Library. (7:06am)
  • A caller reported a physical fight between two young women at CVS. Police advised both of their rights — both declined to press charges and both refused medical treatment. (1:14pm)
  • A brown 2004 Honda Civic struck a pole on Hillside Way. No injuries noted. Vehicle was towed. Verizon was notified to repair pole. (2:25pm)
  • State Police requested assistance in locating a white pick-up truck that took off from cruiser when trying to make a stop. Wilmington Police located two white pick-ups at K1 Speed.  State Police called back to announce they located the vehicle. (3:19pm)
  • Fire Department responded to a propane leak on Eleanor Drive. (4:29pm)
  • A caller reported her cell phone was stolen from her vehicle while parked outside of Market Basket around 4pm. (6:25pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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